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< Teacher Slain In Iraq From Religious Wash. Family
Mar 02, 2012 18:09
Category: Religious News

US House Calls For Iranian Pastor's Release

     WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. House has unanimously passed a
resolution condemning Iran for its "continued persecution" of
religious minorities, including a pastor who could be hanged for
becoming a Christian.
     Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been imprisoned since 2009 and has
rejected the demands of Muslim officials that he recant his faith
in Jesus Christ. He was sentenced to death for apostasy, and
supporters fear he could be executed at any time.
     The resolution sponsored by Congressman Joseph Pitts calls on
Iran to exonerate and release Nadarkhani "and all other
individuals held or charged on account of their religion." Pitts
notes that Iran is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of
Human Rights, which guarantees freedom of religion, including the
right to change religions according to one's conscience.
     The American Center for Law and Justice has launched an
international "Tweet for Youcef" campaign to press for
Nadarkhani's release.