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Dec 14, 2011 13:56
Category: Religious News

Veterans - Religious Bias Suit

  HOUSTON (AP) - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials say
the director of the Houston National Cemetery who had been accused
of banning religious speech is transferring to another job.
     The Houston Chronicle reports that Arleen Ocasio requested and
has been given a lateral transfer to a position at the National
Cemeteries Administration in Washington.
     Earlier this year, several Houston veterans groups sued the VA,
accusing the department of religious discrimination by banning
words such as "God" or "Jesus" at the cemetery. VA officials
denied the allegations.
     In October, a federal judge approved a settlement, which did not
address Ocasio's job status. She had been director at the Houston
cemetery since 2010.
     Larry Williams, who is assistant director of the Dallas-Fort
Worth National Cemetery, has been named acting director of the
Houston National Cemetery.