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Oct 13, 2011 18:39
Category: General News

WA still making up its mind on federal ed waivers

Washington state education officials haven't
really decided yet if the state will apply for a waiver to the
federal education law known as No Child Left Behind.
     They sent an email Wednesday to the U.S. Department of Education
saying they're still deciding whether to join the majority of
states taking President Barack Obama up on his offer for temporary
relief from the law.
     The email says Washington state is still investigating its
     Department spokesman Nate Olson says the key is figuring out if
Washington would meet the federal requirements for a waiver and
whether the Legislature needs to take some action first.
     Meanwhile, Superintendent Randy Dorn says what Washington and
other states really need is for Congress to come up with a better
education law to replace No Child Left Behind.