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Mar 02, 2012 18:05
Category: General News

Wash. Voters OK All But 5 School Levies On Ballot

     SEATTLE (AP) - Washington voters have approved all but five
school levies on the ballot this winter.
     They voted in favor of 152 school levies, for a total of $2.6
billion in taxes to support education. About half the state's
school districts didn't have a levy on the ballot.
     Levies failed to get enough votes in the Deer Park, Eatonville,
Lyle, Riverside and West Valley Yakima school districts.
     The League of Education Voters, which added up the levy dollars,
says this year's successes are largely due to the four-year-old
simple majority rule, which eliminated the requirement to get 60
percent of the vote to pass a school levy.
     About a third of the school districts that passed a levy this
February had more than 50 percent, but did not reach the 60 percent