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< Smoke spreads across Eastern Washington
Sep 21, 2012 17:24
Category: General News

Washington Wildfires - Persisting

YAKIMA, Wash. (AP) — There's no relief forecast for firefighters battling Washington's wildfires.

National Weather Service meteorologist Steven Van Horn says the fires could kick up a little bit Friday with instability in the atmosphere, and a lightning storm is forecast for Saturday with little rain.

Firefighters are taking down dead trees to create a fire line on U.S. Highway 97 between two large fires that may merge. The highway over Blewett Pass is closed to allow firefighters to work.

Several fires in the Table Mountain fire complex north of Ellensburg have already merged to cover 47 square miles. Residents of 161 homes in that area have been urged to leave.

That large fire is now burning close to another fire in the Wenatchee fire complex.