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< Veterans - Religious Bias Suit
Dec 14, 2011 13:57
Category: Religious News

Water Tower Cross

WHITEVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The town of Whiteville, Tenn., is being
sued over its placement of crosses on city property.
     A federal lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation
says the displays are an unconstitutional endorsement of
     According to court records, the group first wrote to Mayor James
Bellar last December on behalf of a Whiteville resident who
objected to a cross that had been placed atop the local water tower
several years previously.
     When the mayor did not respond, a second letter was sent in
March and a third in May. In September the group wrote again, this
time threatening to sue unless the cross was removed within 30
     Instead, the town removed one arm of the cross as a sort of
protest. It also placed two crosses in front of city hall.
     Bellar said on Tuesday that he had not yet been served with a
copy of the suit, but that the town plans to answer it.