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Oct 22, 2013 17:11
Category: Announcer Blog

What We Can Do For Ourselves

Sorry guys, this one is just for us ladies.

I often think about how God made us to be nurturers. We spend so much time thinking and doing things for the other people in our lives. We ask questions like “How are you?” or “What can I do to help you today?” and things like “Can I bring you something?” That’s okay, because that’s how we’re made.

It’s a joy and delight for us to help others because God created us to be this way. Sometimes though, we get tired, or tapped out. In the overwhelmingly busy days we have sometimes, it’s okay to ask ourselves the same questions. “How am I?” or “What can I do to help myself today?” or even “Can I get something for myself today?” Sometimes taking the time to realize that we’re overwhelmed is just what we need. Taking our emotional pulse is a good thing; it helps us set realistic expectations for the day.

When you ask yourself “What can I do for myself today?” you give yourself permission to take 5 minutes to breathe,  and let yourself have that extra cup of tea. Just a few minutes of quiet can be amazing.  

Taking time to help yourself today can be as easy as getting a real meal. Our bodies run better when we fuel them. Coffee doesn’t count as breakfast. I know this because I’ve tried it. Maybe helping yourself today is giving you time to spend with a friend. We need that connection, and when we get the joy of being with someone we love without having to care for them, it’s just the best.

So, let’s take care of us too. And when someone else asks how they can help, let’s let them. I know it can be hard, but let’s try. Okay?



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