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Apr 02, 2013 13:50
Category: Religious News

Young Evangelicals - Gay Marriage

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some young evangelicals say last week's national focus on gay marriage left them feeling alienated from their peers.

Kristin Rudolph of the Institute on Religion and Democracy says it was discouraging to see millions of people change their Facebook profile pictures to equal signs to show their support for gay marriage. She said it took courage to present a traditional view that sounds intolerant.

Family Research Council editor Jessica Prol says many young people think religious conservatives simply don't want them to have fun.

Heritage Foundation Policy Analyst Andrew Walker says it looks like he and other young evangelicals are becoming "the moral minority" in an "increasingly hostile" culture. But he said instead of hiding or conforming, the church needs to reclaim its moral authority.

Rudolph says "because God reigns," a seemingly lost cause, "if just and good, is never really lost, but just awaiting vindication."