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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
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  • Missing daughter of church member

    Wonderful, long time members of our church, Cheryl and Darrell Bereth, cannot find their 29 year old daughter, Kelsey who has been living CO. She went missing Nov 22. Clint, her brother, and Cheryl have traveled to CO to Kelsey's house and report that, VERY uncharacteristically, Kelsey packed no bags, took no makeup, and left homemade cinnamon rolls behind Thanksgiving day. Her purse is missing and police pinged her cell phone somewhere in Id. We believe Darrell is holding down the fort in their home in Sandpoint where they now live and attend church there. This is such a shocking thing and I just can't get past the empty pit in my stomach and I feel so deeply for them all. Please please pray. I know you will and I THANK YOU in advance. You can find this info on FB and on Google for further details.
  • Sister needs prayers & hope

    Please pray for Rachel
  • My Father is not functioning

    I love and respect my father. And I have always done whatever he wanted me to do in life. Always.
    But he is eccentric and short tempered person. He’s I 60 and does not believe in mental illness and all that and it’s not even a solution to even try to talk him into it or change him. He’s way too old and scary to deal with all that and he doesn’t detect to feel broken now out of any other time in his life.but he controls my family me and my mom specially. And it hurts my mother. She never talks back or raises a question about his plans. In a way I’m terrified of him too. I would be grateful if you could pray for him coz prayers can move mountains and melts a heart and change people in a way I can’t explain. It would help my entire family because my dad is the rock the spine and he needs to be stronger and more understanding. We depend on his happiness..!
  • Healthy baby

    Please pray for our family. Tomorrow I go and find out if our little one is growing with a beautiful heartbeat or if we have to say goodbye. Heavenly Father please bless us with this sweet angel! Let us be able to hold our baby.
    Thank you all so much for your prayers
    God bless
  • Father having surgery

    My father, Elvin, will be having a urinary diversion surgery on Wednesday, December 5th in Portland, Oregon.
  • prayers for sis

    I was talking to my sister on the phone tonight, and she confided in me that she believes she is going to hell. I couldn't believe that. I really love my sister, and she is one of the most blessed people I know. She works hard, and suffers from physical pain all the time. So I guess I understand why she thinks that. But I know in my heart it is not true. I pray that God would lift that pain, and that Linda would believe in her salvation. Please pray with me. And that her life would be more positive. Other then the overwhelming things she is facing. That is what I pray in Jesus name. Amen
  • emotional

    I have been dealing with emotional problems for quite a while now.. I am overly emotional, and it comes in the form of fear, anxiety, and ocd.. I know in my heart that God has forgiven me.. And that he doesn't just forgive one sin, but he forgave them all.. But sometimes accepting that is the hard part.. I pray that I would be in control of my emotions.. and not them controlling me.. Like they are doing now.. This station and the prayer center have really helped.. And I am thankful for the support.. I would like to become financially stable as well.. I never got that job.. Even though they told me come in a week later.. They gave the job to somebody else.. Gods blessings to everybody.. I hope the Lord grants you a miracle..
  • Husband asthma symptoms

    My husband needed an inhaler occasionally before exercising but barely used it, wanting to avoid the negative effects of albuterol. Now he is congested often and uses it every day. It is a result of where we live, in the Pacific Northwest it's typical to get allergies & asthma. Prayers for a miracle healing so we don't need to move, if God wants us here to stay close by to be a part of our adult children's lives and stay close to our grandsons, one is autistic and is very close to us
  • My daughter

    We will be going to the children’s hospital in Seattle for more testing on her seizures. I just got released back to work from a tore shoulder. I have no income right now I’m stressed out to the max! I have 3 children that depend on me! I’m trying to get back to work but with my sick child it makes it hard. Please pray that everything will turn out just fine!
  • Deliverance from Caffeine

    Could you pray for me for complete deliverance from a caffeine addiction for the last 15 years? I’m a chain coffee drinker, and I’ve tried hard a number of times to quit. Coffee clouds my thinking, makes it hard to filter out distractions, and it seems to drain me. I think my adrenal glands are chronically depleted, and I feel it. Please pray for complete healing of my body, mind, and adrenals, from the effects of this addiction. I know many people deal with much more serious addictions. I also have a much more serious addiction that I deal with, but I need the Lord to deliver me from this caffeine addiction, so I can build the faith and confidence to deal with the other skeleton in my closet. Please pray for total deliverance and freedom from caffeine. Thanks.