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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing

    Please pray for my sister, she has late stage cancer!
    She has 3 young daughters who need her! Please pray GOD would heal her body!
    Thank you, and GOD bless!!
  • Cath lab

    Pray for Alan who had a heart attack, that there will be no brain damage, and that surgery will be an option. Prayers for family and that Alan will be a total complete miracle unscathed. That he will be a new man of God! Let's believe!
  • Finding the perfect place for Mom

    We are now looking for a better place for Mom to live but my 2 siblings feel she needs to be in a memory care/adult family home and I do not. We have been in battle for 2 months over where Mom should be. I spend LOTS of time with her and know her needs and wants. My sister drops in from time to time and my brother (who has POA) lives 300 miles away!! I am asking for prayer to guide their minds towards assisted living homes while we search and not memory care. I have been told that Mom will not thrive in a memory care facility! God prevailed by getting her out of the home she is in now however and I am trusting Him to also lead us to the perfect home for Mom where she will be happy and content to live out her life!
  • Prayer Request

    Please pray that the loan application process for our housing estate project in Nairobi for West Point Properties Development Ltd company will be successful.

    Waiting upon the Lord,

    Nicholas Ng'ang'a
  • Helping someone rebuild

    Plz pray for my neighbor scott and his rebuilding of a burn out on his property that things will go smooth, no more delays and those in the area will bless he and his wife as well as those who are helping him in anyway, to find peace and calm as things are chaotic