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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Need prayer for mental health and relational challenges

    I am not communicating well to those I care about and I just have a lot of mental health problems. I need a miracle from God for my mind.
  • Help

    I’m asking for my sister is sick and pregnant, she needs all the help she can get from our Lord and Savior Jesus so she can recover and make this bearing easier
  • Prayer for love for husband

    I need prayer for unconditional love for my Christian husband. We have been married almost 31 years. He is used to getting own way and ignoring my family, who are in emotional pain. I need a breakthrough

  • Strength for our mom

    Pat, 77, needs God's help to know how to minister to Rachel,her 38 yr old daughter, who is in the hospital for emotional issues. They are both traumatized. I keep praying, my husband is very wary, I am pulled in all directions.I also help with our autistic grandson 3-4 days/week. My sis has never been financially independent
  • Rachel needs deliverance

    Jesus knows why I am asking for her deliverance from her pain, bipolar issues,despair. A willingness is needed to try to find work still, to meanwhile seek volunteering and church activities and taking the bus if needed.
  • Prayer for spiritual warfare/mental health issues

    I just need prayer for this....I feel like I am dealing with a lot of spiritual warfare...also need strength and God's travel mercies to get back home in the Northwest.
  • Restoration of mindset and a new beginning in friendship

    Jesus please help restore the negative mentality in John K. Heart mind and save him from himself Jesus. He needs you. Pray Jesus will work out our friendship/relationship in respecting and loving one another
    Teach us Lord to communicate more with each other. Get through to his heart Lord and soften it. Change John K. From the inside out.
  • Family

    Please pray that my niece Isabella will be placed with my family and removed from foster care. Please pray that the Courts Judge will also agrees with this My niece should be raised in a Christian home and with her full family and not non family. The court hearing is July 9th 2019, so please in Jesus Name will you all start praying today and continue though next Tuesday. I know we have an all mighty God and he is the Judge of all Judges. Thank you Jesus for letting me post this on this site. Please pray fast and as much as you can!!!!Thank you.
  • My Husband is TERMINALLY ILL and WANTS to make sure our GRANDCHILD CONTINUES to STAY with our FAMILY

    PRAYER WARRIORS please Keep PRAYING for My Husband who is TERMINALLY ILL and is IN Home HOSPICE CARE,,Since last summer,,Please Pray for DIVINE HEALING and COMPLETE RESTORATION to his Whole body also our FAMILY WANTS to make sure our GRANDCHILD CONTINUE to STAY HERE with our FAMILY.. Our grandchild gets PROFESSIONAL HELP for some MAJOR ISSUES,, and they ALL stated we’re PROVIDED a SAFE and STABLE and LOVING Home for our GRANDCHILD.. Our grandchild’s Mom is in a VERY DESTRUCTIVE LIFESTYLE,,We also FOUND OUT she’s back into PROSTITUTION..That’s No PLACE for a CHILD.. My HUSBAND WANTS to Notify CPS by EMAIL,Please Pray the RIGHT WORDS..and they Finally TAKE ACTION..towards our grandchild’s Mom..and our Grandchild’ CONTINUES to STAY with US..Pray for DIVINE INTERCEDE and FAVOR.. Thank you ☺️
  • General

    Im in need of a financial breakthrough
    Im in need of a well paying job
    Im need that me and my girlfriend reconcile despite the situations and back together as a loving couple