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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for Gods peace

    Please pray for God’s peace for our family. We are going through extremely stressful times with my husbands job. We pray for the peace during these turbulent time of false accusations and ask for prayers to be constantly reminded God has a plan and His will will be revealed in his time. We ask for prayers to always know God has us in his arms, to take away all of the stress and anxiety felt on a daily basis and to uphold us during these trying times.
  • Peace

    Holy Loving Father, please bless J with Peace, Hope, Love, Strength and Joy today. Please fill her heart with the Love of your Holy Spirit and the truth of her significance in your sight.
  • Short time

    I have survived cancer 3 times and on dialysis 3 days a week since 2012. The Doctor gives me about 5 years to live.
    I have already beat the odds. I was born 2 lbs with heart defects. Two years ago while in the Heart Cathe Lab I died for 12 minutes. I thank God for the extra two years but know I have much more to do and ask for more time.
  • Protection and healing needed

    Please bless Juha S., his family and work colleagues.
    Juha is under heavy persecution. Pray that God will turn those who curse Juha into friends that bless him instead. May God provide him with strength and protection. May heavenly wisdom guide him to do the right decisions that please God.

    My daughter Tuija has several health issues, and she’s depressed. Please pray for her physical and mental healing. Please bless me as well in your prayers for I have been suffering for 13 years due to a painful lump in my gum. May God finally answer my prayers and heal it away!
    I also have nerve damage and pain in my legs and arms. Thank you for your prayers! God Bless!
  • Family

    I'm not a Christian, don't really even know what that means really. But, I'm asking for prayers for all the broken links in the family be restored. Nothing short of a miracle is needed. Thanks for any prayers.
  • Coworker attacking me

    Please pray for God to change the heart of my co-worker who is gossiping about me while I'm in the office and I can hear her from the next room. She's asked another co-worker to join her in filing a complaint about me. I heard the coworker say that I could prove it wasn't true and she tried to get her to do it anyway. I've spoken to no-one outside of my boss about it, but she is talking to anyone who walks through her door and offering to share emails I've written with people not in our office. I've tried being kind. She's ruining my reputation. I don't want to lose my job.
  • Healing Prayers

    I ask that you please pray for my friends son. He in in the hospital with a blood infection that is attacking his heart an other organs. Last night the doctors gave her no hope for recovery.
  • Help

    I’ve been in ongoing battle with the evil one and his demons, I hear them and talk with them (not by choice) they are attacking my body as well as mind. I’m Christian and pray also I have faith that one day it will go away and be given the Holy Spirit, I’m afraid because they do attack other people that are by me. I need help and be delivered please
  • brother needs prayer

    Please say a prayer for my brother Clifford. He has a large tumor growing on his chest. He refuses to go to the doctor about it. He says he thinks it's cancer and that he don't want to lose his place. He wants to leave his property to his daughter. And he don't want the state taking it. I know it sounds crazy. Please pray that it is not cancer. And that he will have it checked out. Thank you
  • Pray for friend who feels Satanically attacked

    I would like prayer for friend who feels attacked by the devil, he also has a very bad breathing disease. I pray God lifts him up and helps him in his confusion....I am also saddened by all the prayers on here...God please help everyone...you are the only one who can do it.