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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband drinking a lot

    My husband this year has started drinking a lot to deal with problems. Last night he drove home drunk. Please pray for him. For God to break through. For healing. For me and my husband to deal with this as a team with God.
  • Possible pregnancy???

    My son told me today that his long time girlfriend may be pregnant. She is considering an abortion and not considering my sons feelings at all. It is killing my son inside. It is quite soon so the possibility of her not being pregnant still exists to my knowledge right now....my prayer request is that she is not so that the kids (adult kids) can be on the same page about this. My son promised to make an honest woman of her and marry her and be the best father he can be. She is just not ready, she says. This would be my grand child and I too am struggling with her decision. The father has no rights what so ever when it comes to this topic. If she is pregnant, I pray that she changes her mind and allows this beautiful gift into our lives. Please pray that God touches her heart and gives her the strength and courage to make the right decision. Thank You
  • healing

    Could you please pray for John who I work with. He is living in pain on a daily basis. He has clogged arteries in his legs. And the blood doesn't flow right. He can't work much longer like this. He is trying to get on disability. Please pray that would happen as soon as possible. Or for a miracle healing. Thank you
  • Dog

    We just found out that our dog Apollo has cancer. He can hardly walk. Please pray that God will give him the strength to walk on his own.
  • New place

    I need to move to a new place as soon asap
  • Marriage

    My husband is pulling away from me and the faith. He is giving in to loneliness and the devil is isolating him. Please pray for us to come together in transparency, love, and harmony. For us to tackle things together the way God intended. For God to reach out to him every minute in his dark places and pull him near. I know God is in control and can do anything. I also know prayers really work. God knows what my husband needs to bring him to him again to fill the void only God can fill. Pray for God's will in our life's. Please pray for my marriage and family; for God' protection during this time over my husband, me and our children.
  • work and mental health

    Hello.. I ask you to pray for me.. I been having a bunch of anxiety about work.. It is a very demanding job, and I am working as hard as I can.. I don't get a lot of hours, or make much.. But I need this job.. Sometimes it is hard to go into work.. I have social anxiety disorder.. I have to answer phones, sometimes I cannot hear what people are saying.. Cause the music in there is too loud.. And people get mad at me.. That just makes things harder.. I am trying as hard as I can.. Please pray that I would get faster.. And would not feel overwhelmed about my job.. Thank you
  • Prayer for spiritual breakthroughs/discernment

    I would like prayer for people that God has put in my life and that God helps them in areas they need to grow strong in God and be powerful witnesses of God's love. I pray God helps me in my financial situation and that I can manage what God has given me and that I can still find ways to help others in their time of need. I need prayer for a prayer group me and a friend are starting up and that God puts angels around those he know who are his, one guy I am somewhat friends with his having disputes/disagreements on where I stand spiritually and I feel like the devil may have or possibly has put in wolf in among the flock of sheep to cause division in the prayer group before our group even gets started. I need prayer about this. I would like prayer for my mom and some of the problems she has, I pray she grows strong in faith and in grace and love in the Lord. Thank You for prayers.
  • (no subject)

    My boyfriend has been plagued with health issues for the past few years and has recently been unable to work due to those health issues. My job does not pay enough to cover all the bills and we are overwhelmed. I have faith that God will see me through, as he always has, but still find myself feeling anxiety lately. I just pray for a season of abundance in time!
  • Bills

    God, please deliver the money in time for us to pay our bills. They are due in a few days and the money will be deposited ten days too late. Somehow, Lord, please deliver it in time. In Jesus name Amen.