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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Protection for daughter & son

    Pls pray our daughter will have godly intervention tomorrow when she sees her ex-fiancée so he can visit their son. My husband said he would give her advice but since she didn't listen he said very little
  • Martin's salvation & decisions

    Pls pray he has a soft heart & open to gospel & accepts our daughter's new boundaries in her life & her son's life
  • positive attitude

    just to be more upbeat and positive in daily life.
    Melissa Rodriguez
  • Protection/wisdom for daughter

    Pls pray Shannon will be wise in her interaction with her prior fiance when she sees him tomorrow with their son...there are concerns about his recent actions
  • Pray for Christian rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez an eighteen year old who just graduated from high school is in critical condition and unresponsive as a result of a car accident on the 22nd. Please pray for him and his family. He is a good kid, always making people laugh, a good friend, brother,son,nephew, cousin,grandson, and more. Help us pray for a miracle. Thank you, your prayers are so appreciated every one.
  • CAT Scan results and symptoms

    Please pray for skill and wisdom for my CAT scan and also that God is in the results. My lip and nose or sometimes chin have had some periodic numbing over the past year and a half or more so my doctor wants the scan done. I want to understand why this has been happening and also be assured it isn't something serious.

    Thank you for taking the time to pray.
  • Struggles, and Is there hope?

    As I began a new life over, and for a little while as I have been going through a year of dealing with physical and pain from a car accident, was going to church and then stopped going for a long while, and I walked in the doors and they remembered me and I was never forgotten, and now I am on the path of going back. I continuously struggle for health, mental and emotional. I have a family that is damaged beyond belief. I have asked for forgiveness, but there not accepting of it, and how do I accept it. It all began when I moved out of home at the age of 18? Have I lost any hope, of being a family again. I ask and pray each and every night. I still struggle with daily chores, and much more.. Any advice or help I would appreciate the help . God Bless
  • Addiction

    Please pray that a young lady named Sarah will overcome her drug addiction. Meth has her totally wrapped around it's finger. She has been to jail. Has sold her body. She believes in God. I pray that she would want God more then drugs. She has never been saved. I pray that she would give up the drugs for Christ. Please join me in prayer. Thank you
  • Daughter needs Lord discernment

    Pls pray our daughter will sense the Lord's discernment over a very critical decision she is about to make involving her ex-fiance...they have a son
  • new job

    pray that marshalls will call me for a job position. single parent. my kids are teenagers and in high school. they need school things. i cant afford anything with one job.i never had a chance to even by them school cloths this year yet or school supplies. thanx for you all whos praying. Be blessesd .Lorenzo