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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • For God to help me understand if Contemplative Prayer is ok to do?

    I have not been able to sleep for 2 days, I need understanding from God if it is ok to do Contemplative prayer....I can't sleep and don't know what to do...I was praying and came across contemplative prayer....it seems Catholic in origin....I wasn't raised Catholic...don't know what to think....I hope God helps me sleep...this is not fun and I have finals for college on wednesday.
  • Husband healing from allergies/asthma

    Lord to please heal my husband! He takes meds but is still sick, want to believe with others for a miracle. He is discouraged, as he is otherwise in great shape
  • Son determination & strength

    28 year old married son needs the Lord to help him with follow through in a career path. He wants to have artistic talents go somewhere, but needs a sustainable job he feels good about. He seemed to want to take a certain course in the medical field, which would not be too hard, but is hesitant.His wife is working hard and going to school. Needs to be open to work and go to school, needs to try this path again
  • Daughter's job possibility

    26 year old married daughter needs to help our with finances. Had a recent working interview, Lord to give her the best possible hours for her family situation with 2 small children, one with autism. She's had a rough road, needs a break
  • Close to God, purpose

    Close to God, feel good, meds help, good friends, purpose.
  • Néed prayer for mental health and finances /just confusion

    I think God is helping me, but I have bad mental health problems and for a while, I was exposed to heavy metals, so I have really bad anxiety, I have a really bad time with relationships and perfectionism/who might be thé right one for me...but honestly my personality isn't all there anyway and I don't even feel as smart as I used to...
    I spent a lot of money on supplements trying to figure this problem out and now on a very right budget it is making me scared...Please help God.
  • Please pray for Me;(Dennis) and Mary;(My Soul Mate)

    Please ask God to get Me back into Mary's graces. Also, to call me and open communications between her and me. And if it's at all possible to hasten God then please do that absolutely! Thanks for your prayers, Dennis.
  • Defend me Lord Jesus

    Please pray for God to defend me from malicious attacker’s who are speaking evil about me. God you are the hero of my life. You alone are good. Be glorified Jesus.
  • Help!

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims,thanks and bless,keijosweden
  • Healing

    Having a hard time separating myself from a guy friend, we hang out a lot and feelings are starting to grow. But I know spiritual its not a good fit. I don't know why I'm having a difficult time separating myself from him. I've been praying for my thoughts, and feelings. And it may sound dumb, but it would be greatly appreciated to know that i am reaching out for help and prayer and that there is someone out there praying for me. :(