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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Insomnia

    Please pray that God will give me peace, and that I would not have panic attacks or racing thoughts that keep me from falling asleep even when I am desperately tired. I'm stressed out from caring for my little grandson and from watching his father, my son, suffer through a painful divorce due to his wife's repeated adultery. Please pray for my son as well, that he would not give in to despair.
  • My health

    Thank you for lifting me up in prayer. I’ve been suffering from severe attacks of anxiety and I’m just so frustrated. I know I’m under attack’s from Satan so please pray for me. I also would like prayer over my health. I’ve been suffering from inflammation of some internal organs and besides being very painful it’s frustrating.
    Please pray for my four children who seem to not understand what I’m going thru. Especially my youngest. They feel like I’ve brought this upon myself cause if my style of life which I really enjoy helping others.
    Thank you SO much for your prayers in advance.
  • anxiety

    The hotel where I work just got sold and the new owners will be taking over soon. Please pray that no one will quit or later lose their jobs over this. Thank you and God Bless
  • 3-Month Depression ; I lost my best friend.

    I am nothing but a child of God who loves to do nothing more than express my emotions on 88 keys.

    I was with Lauren ever since Autumn. She was my first serious relationship, she was so graceful to me. I made lots of mistakes that really hurt her, non sinful. We broke up once, she still let me in her heart. One day I ruined her favorite night because my head was full of false perceptions. Now she can't trust me. I apologized to her parents and they still won't trust me. I've ran over 100 miles to see her final tennis matches. Still nothing.

    Nobody listens to me. My family is always fighting, my mom isn't the same person with my step family. I want my partner back. I love her so much, I would do anything for her to come back. Every husband would do the same for their wife.
    Love never fails Corinthians 13:1.
    I am nothing...
  • I pray God would help me to hear his voice

    I just need to hear God better, I feel too fearful of the future.
  • Prayer for my niece Emily

    My niece Emily, has been suicidal lately and picked a fight with her sister and hit her. She was evaluated by a mental health facility and I am not sure what they diagnosed her with...I pray God intervenes and in her kids lives and other families life, my sister and her boyfriend who helped raise her all need God in their lives.
  • financial

    Please pray for me to receive My Father God's help to remodel this house that He has blessed me with, and to fix the electrical so that I can have hot water.. Thank You Very Much for your prayers..!!
  • For more patience

    Thank you for this prayer site...it means a lot. I don't know if I am exactly going through the wilderness right now, but I am sad right now. I see how God is helping me but I am still going through trials...deep down I am scared I don't really have faith in God or fully trust what he wants me to do...I also sm heart broken as there has been 2 girls that I have tried to date and both failed miserably, I have mental health issues and make the same mistakes and I am tired of getting my heart broken..need God's help.
  • Breakthrough

    I'd like prayer for complete physical healing, the ability to accept myself unconditionally, & the chance to experience life to the full. Thank you so much for your faithfulness! ~ Love & Blessings! :-)
  • Help

    Please pray for me. I am way past my breaking point.