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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prayers for niece

    Could somebody please say a prayer for my niece. That she would accept Christ. That she would completely stop her meth habit. That the man her life would marry her. Thank you
  • Healing

    Hello , my name is Daniela and I have spastic cerebral palsy that is why I would like to ask you to pray for healing my cerebral palsy and my brain , thank you very much
  • son's heart

    My 15 year old son tried out for basketball and had a serious asthma attack they think. (We didn't even know he had asthma.) This has opened the door for all kinds of test. We are thankful that his echogram came back healthy, but his heart monitor is showing pausing and irregular beating. We have to go to Spokane for more testing. Please pray for my son, Coltyn's, heart to be healed and healthy. Thank you.
  • I need God to help with my emotional issues

    I need prayer that God really helps me with my emotional issues...I really don't know what to do...I don't even think my counselor understands me.
  • My ❤️ is breaking

    My step-daughter is scheduled to have an abortion on Tuesday, at 15 weeks. Her mind is made up despite her dad and I’s desparate pleadings. My husband and I have a fragile relationship as it is, and if he continues to enable his daughter to do this, I’m afraid it will be the end of us.
  • Healing Extended Family

    Thank God for the challenge to grow and heal from difficulties we face. Please forgive us for our sinful life choices and please powerful Lord over all, cover the children and deliver protective wings to keep them against the evil they see. Please Heavenly Father deliver Malachi into Your will. Victory to You, our Creator, in submission to Your purpose and perfect plan for our lives. God's Will be done! Amen
  • Trial of a lifetime

    Pray for a breakthrough and the arms of Jesus wrapped tightly around my son as he endures the trail of a lifetime. God’s mercy, truth and light shine.
  • Much NEEDED prayer,,son Tyler for a RIDE to AIRPORT,,,NOT ME..

    URGENT PRAYER for our son Tyler is STILL planning on going to HAWAII later this WEEK,,to go see the GIRL he’s been TALKING ONLINE,,
    Please Pray he gets a RIDE to the AIRPORT,,,maybe a TAXI,,or UBER...We have ONLY one FAMILY CAR,, and we’re getting some WINTER WEATHER,,BLACK ICE and SNOW,,,I’m VERY CONCERNED,,,,Please Pray for our son Tyler to CHANGE HIS MIND,,about ME taking HIM,,and he takes a TAXI,,,or UBER...also keep praying
  • Prayers for me

    Pls pray that I can have God's strength & wisdom with my schedule, husbands asthma to be healed, confirmation about what is causing his asthma, sister's work situation. Jesus to give me His peace about where we should live to help my husband's health
  • cold virus

    Asking for prayers for both of my children ,and husband.We are battling a virus.It's day 3 and just in need of prayers for healing.Strength for me to be able to take care of them .I struggle with anxiety and ptsd , sickness triggers it for me.