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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Help!!!!!!!

    I recently moved to la grande Oregon to live near my kids and I was staying with my daughter and her husband until I could find my own place and we had a huge fight and she kicked me out I am now homeless please pray for me to get a place I'm living in car
  • Family relationship.

    I am not getting along with my mother. It breaks my heart to see her treat me this way. She takes everything I say and do wrong, snaps and demeans me. I need God to show her how she treats me, be a mirror because everything I say is inflammatory to her so it must come from Him. We only have one mother in this world; I'd like to get along with mine. I think she is taking her frustration at life out on me. Say a prayer. Thanks.
  • Thank yuo very very much!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life!Thanks to your prayers the long Labor Day Weekend was a great blessing which truly was a miracle truly his ways are higher than ours!Please say a prayer for me I need his love so I can share it with my fellow homeless colleagues!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 9/4/18

    I have a bad relationship with my dad. He isn't a bad man but he and his anger has done things, said things he cant take back and I can't seem to forget. I just want to forgive him, because i still stay with my parents and it gets harder. The lord took me under his arms and pulled me out of depression only a few months ago. And I'm grateful to have depression out of my system. I blame my family for how i feel and yes some days are harder and i cant seem to keep up with my faith. And it really hurts. Please pray that i feel so,e peace in my mind that i dont jump back into the dark hole. That the lord give me strength and courage to face this life.