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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lost my wift

    Yesterday morning, my wife went home to be with our Lord. I so miss her.
  • my brother

    Hello folks. I hope everybody has a nice Christmas. I posted a prayer about my brother Clifford having cancer. Well, it is worse then I thought. He was just not telling anybody. It is more then skin cancer. His daughter is telling me it is in his organs. I need a Christmas miracle that my brother would be healed. I watched my mom die from cancer. I don't want him to die too. Thank you for praying for him. I am praying for you all as well. God bless everyone
  • housing

    I am in a bad spot, need a place to move to by new years. 2bedrooms in Clarkston. My landlords want us out by the 31st. Things just seem to get worse and worse since my husband died. I am left without words, except praise. God is still good. I need peace and encouragement right now. Christmas time seems to be an extra challenge for faith when every body seems to be so happy. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Baby in Distress - Update

    I just wanted to thank everyone who prayed for little Nora. This precious baby girl fought a good fight but the Lord decided to take her last Tuesday. It's been a trying time for her parents, grand parents, family, and friends but I know no matter what it's God's plan. Please pray for comfort, strength, and peace beyond understanding for her parents and grand parents who are deeply grieving. Please ask that the Lord continue to be in the midst of this family's grief and that the enemy have no place or foot hold in this situation. Thanks again and God Bless.
  • In need of peace and healing in the body as well.

    Please pray that I would give this fear to God and receive his peace. I have prayed many times for peace but I struggle with such crippling fear. I would also appreciate prayer for healing in my body. doctors are still running test but I am in pain and scared. Thank you!
  • Work

    My husband recently accepted a new job. It is not what he expected, the hours got extended from 8 hours to 12 daily. There are 2 bosses micromanaging him daily, and the work load is overbearing. He was now told he needs to come in on the weekend to keep up on the work load. The pay is generous, but this position has become too much for him to keep up. Please pray for a positive change for my husbands job, if this is not the job God has planned for my husband, I pray a new job will become available for him. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Christmas

    Please pray that we have a nice Christmas. I feel bad when we don't get along.
    Thank you
  • Healing 4 Diana.

    Last week I asked if you could plz Pray for Diana as they removed a Brain Tumor. Well they got the results back from Biopsy and Doctor says it's stage 4 cancer. Diana is a 37year old mothers of 3 with her youngest being 5. Diana has Faith and is Trusting the Lord to see her through this situation and bring healing to her body.
  • addiction

    Please pray for Jeff. He is an alcoholic and we think he might have mental problems. He gets very violent towards family when he is drinking. He needs to do something with his life. Thank you
  • Sharing the gospel

    This Christmas weekend I have an opportunity to share the gospel with a large group of people. I pray that God to speaks through me.