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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for a co-worker

    Please lift up my co-worker in prayer. She recently found out that she is pregnant and neither her nor her husband want kids. They both agree that they do not want children, so she is planning on having an abortion. Please pray for a change of heart.
  • selling our home

    Please pray that our home would sell so we are able to move closer to our family.
    My daughter and her children came to live with me when my husband died and this place is alot of upkeep.
    God's timing is perfect.

    Standing on the promises.
    Thank you so much

  • Legal Situation

    Pray I find an attorney that will be fair with me and will accept my legal case. Pray I will have the needed proof to file civil lawsuits or receive out of court settlements and will receive suitable financial compensation. Also, pray for justice to prevail in this legal situation.
  • Worsening depression, balance of priorities

    I have been having a spiritual & emotional battle. I am really struggling to Keep my faith. I have so many things to be blessed by. At the heart of it I just feel worthless. Everyone who knows me says I have a servants heart. I just feel lost.

    My FIL moved in with us, he is Very sweet, never means harm. But He loves to argue, He interrupts me, second guesses me on nearly everything, and treats me in a way that feels degrading and disrespectful. But he really doesn't mean it.

    None of this is that bad. I have been so blessed, I just can't seem to beat this.

    I reached out to Focus on the Family but missed the call. My pastor is family. I reached out to another pastor, but our timing was hit and miss. At this point does God even want me to get help?

    I have been the person who drops everythjng to help someone. Can't God send someone like rhat when I need it?
  • Family

    Please pray I can be strong emotionally during this hard time in my life. Lord to give me peace about my sister's life and her needs and a woman to talk to who I can trust with my struggles. Grandson's MRI on Friday to go well. His parents to desire Jesus
  • Son had 3 surgeries in 4 days

    He was riding saddle bronc last weekend and got bucked off and stepped on. The first hospital he went to said he had a couple broken ribs. A week later he ended up at the Dr office and they immediately sent him to another hospital in a different town. Come to find out he had 5 broken ribs and a punctured lung. We almost lost him before he got to the hospital. His first surgery was to drain the 2 liters of blood off his left lung. The next surgery they went in and cleaned the mucus out of his lung. Then they discovered that there was a lot of blood clots on the outside of lung. So today they went in and cut a six inch slit on his side and scraped out the clots. His lung finally got air in it.They say he has to be in the hospital for another 5-6 days. Please pray that he will have a speedy and successful recovery. Thank you and God bless you all.
  • Prayer for wisdom

    The Word of God says that whoever asks for wisdom God will give him wisedom. I need wisdom in my personal decisiond and I knowing if this young men who wishes to get engaged is for me or not. God knows what I've been feeling lately I just need God to show me, comfort me and guide me. Thank you!! (Also thank you for your earlier prayers God helped me right away with overcoming)
  • Upcoming surgery

    I am asking for uplifting prayers for me as this Wednesday June 14th, I am having surgery to remove a brain tumor. Praying for the surgeon and the staff to help me get through this and my healing and recovery begins...Thank you Almighty God for loving me.
  • Nursing school

    Please pray for my finals and all exams coming up. I was a nurse more than fifteen years ago in Ukraine.I migrated to USA with my family: and now my three beautiful children are grown, so I desided to go back to school. I have a passion to become a nurse here to serve people and God through it. It's extremely hard and I'm bilingual too; so English is my second language, which makes it more difficult sometimes. Thank you to all your prayers.
  • Mariage

    My wife left me two months ago. please pray for softened hearts and reconciliation. and also I become the husband God intends me to be.