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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Job Opportunity

    In February, I lost my job and I have been trusting the Lord to open another opportunity for me. Kindly pray for the grace of the Lord on me and also lead me to the right corporations. I also ask that my faith in Christ would grow and I would solely rely on Him. I really need the Lord to take absolute control of my situation. Amen.
  • Abused

    I kept away from most of my family for good reason; they are beyond dysfunctional. A family member that I am still in contact with got in touch with them and convinced me to try again. She knew how unsure I felt about them but was hoping they had changed. They had not. I am going through the worst period of my life ever and these people just kicked me while I was down. I am a grown person and didn't need this. I am so hurt and upset. All I ever did was offer them love and they threw me away like trash.
  • Husband seriously ill

    My husband unexpectedly almost died a few days ago. He is going to be okay, but has a long road ahead of him to recover fully. We have been married for a great 21 years. I want to be married for another 21 years. It would be appreciated if you could say a prayer for him. Thank you.
  • So close to forever

    Anyone who is looking to pray tonight, please keep me and my fiancee in your prayers. Ask that the lord bless us in the approval of his visa K, we have been apart for to long, and just want to start our life's together. IF anyone has been through this process, i would love some support or to hear your story. We love the lord and love each other and just want to be together.

  • Healing for me

    I want to have a personal relationship with the lord. I haven't been sleeping at night either. I want to have a nice mothers day. My. Husband is depressed as well.
    Thank you for your prayers
  • Deliverence for our son

    Please pray for deliverance for our son from drugs and social influences. "....The seed of the righteous shall be delivered." Also that the Lord would send him Godly relationships in his life and that our son would desire change and a love for Jesus and the Word. Thank you and bless you for taking time to pray.
  • Daughter to follow through

    Pls pray our daughter will follow through with getting appt for our grandson to get his eyes checked out soon
  • Guidance for elderly mom

    Pls pray my Mom sense Lord's leading with moving to be near me (daughter) or stay where she's at to help other daughter which is a relationship that is topsy turby often
  • Guidance & job for son

    Our 2nd son needs a job that fits well with college & church needs & he knows Lord's leading with a relationship & his career soon
  • Sons job offer to finalize

    Pls pray all details & final requirements are met soon & smoothly & he desires to go to church with us when he moves out here