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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Broken marriage

    My husband and I have been separated for some time with impossible circumstances and I have been standing for our marriage. I would love prayers for my marriage as well as broken marriages around the world. Nothing is impossible with God so I want to pray for a wordlwide revelation of restored homes and families!!
  • God's help

    I need the Lord to help me trust my husband in moving so he can join a new company. He is a believer but he is also unwilling to seek counsel about this
  • Emotional dysfunction and a searching boyfriend

    I struggle with emotional trauma and it makes it very difficult for my boyfriend and my relationship in many different ways. Also, my boyfriend is struggling to find and know God. Pleases pray in any way you can.. God bless
  • (no subject)

    Thank you everyone who's prayed, may God
  • Uncle's salvation and surgery

    Please pray that my uncle would accept what Jesus has done for him as he awaits a serious operation and a long recovery. Give him a peace that passes understanding in a realization that God knows and loves him. Thank you!
  • Prayer for daughters relationship

    Prayer for Shannon and her relationships with her parents and with her personal life.
  • Co-worker/friend in need of prayer

    I have a co-worker/friend who is battling depression and I am really concerned for her. She has not been at work for the last three days. And although she has let us know she won't be here, my heart just feels really heavy for her.
    Please pray that she will be lifted out of the depression that has bound her for years. And pray that God will open doors for me to talk with her about Christ.

    Thank you!
  • Online Relationship

    My husband told me five months ago he had an online relationship and told me he would end this but never did. Three weeks ago he moved out and said he is angry and confused. We have been married 12 years and I told him I miss him and still love him. I'm asking for prayer that the online relationship will be completely cut off permanently and that my husband will turn his life over to the Lord and come home!
  • Gods will

    Thank you God for working on my heart and helping me overcome and trust you. Please God help me be kind and help me be a blessing at work. God please release my anxiety while I'm working and remind me to pray when I feel it.
    God protect my children.
    Bless my friends and let them feel you and please answer their prayers
    In Jesus name amen
  • Please pray

    Several years ago my spouse was facebooking an old girl friend from high school and the conversation I saw was not innocent in my eyes. In his eyes he needed closure. I can not let it go..I am still angry and hurt..I am asking for prayers that I can find peace and be able to let it go and forgive. I am asking for prayers that the lord continue to work on me.