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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Encouragement for sister

    The Lord's timing of when we can visit, a determination to seek God, she has always relied on our parents for her basic needs, 2my husband is unwilling to continue that.pattern, she needs to work again, having a.hard time, Lord to intervene in her determination and lifestyle
  • Need prayer for emotional strength & wisdom

    I have been sick with a cold off and on about a month, husband worse with a possible sinus infection, we went on a vacation and have been busy since we got back. I often feel overwhelmed with extended family needs & have been hugely involved in our autistic grandson's life. Our marriage is strained, can't figure out a good solution
  • Middle aged sister issues

    I need peace God.will provide for my middle aged sister when our parents pass away, as my husband overwhelmed with our own grown children & grandchildren's needs & issues. My relationship with him gets strained if I think we need to eventually take care of her, since she has ruined her life
  • Family stuff

    We are very blessed in many ways but need prayer for wisdom when interacting. Trying to connect with a family member who I basically don't trust, very stressful for me
  • Victory and close to God

    Battle over temptation. When I fail it is very discouraging. Pray 4 victory and encouragement, sleep well.
  • Prayer for my son

    Please pray for my son. His girlfriend recently broke up with him and he is feeling down. Please pray for comfort during this difficult time and pray that God sends new friends that he can connect with and be the person God created him to be. Please pray that God takes away any loneliness and low self esteem that he may be experiencing. In Jesus’s name I pray! Amen
  • Land Development Success

    Please pray for my husband and my success in a big land development project. We have everything into this project. Time has come to start selling please pray that God relieves us from this financial burden. I know everything is possible with God!
    Thank you
  • Prayers for my Son

    My son was accepted into a post secondary college for kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I’m asking for prayers for provisions so he will be able to attend this fall. State funding is not recognizing this new program for Wa state grants.
  • Healing for husband

    He has been having headaches that even makes his eye hurt. He works on a computer all day and already has poor eyesight, it's very stressful for him & I
  • Family stuff

    Appreciate prayers for wisdom with different personality types that unintentionally cause hurt feelings. Lors to help us truly forgive and learn to relate differently