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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • teeth

    I have like 4 teeth that are giving me a lot of pain. I have no dental insurance. Sometimes I think about pulling them myself. it hurts that bad. It makes it hard to have faith. I need financial help in so many areas. Thanks to those who pray. Take care
  • Wisdom for me

    I have different areas I need wisdom. Husband is Christian, very disciplined, down to his diet, annoyed if I buy bread, even for myself, I could lose maybe 10 pounds, have always been thin. Married over 30 years, I need patience & grace
  • Texas Heat

    My husband, James, is one of thousands of men and women currently housed in Texas prisons where the heat inside is regularly exceeding 100 degrees. Many, because of medical conditions, are by policy not supposed to be subjected to the extreme heat. These policies are being ignored. Heat stroke is taking lives. Please pray for them.
  • New relationship

    After several years in an emotionally abusive relationship I have recently started a new relationship. This one I know was sent to me by God. And it has been incredibly positive and healing. However, because of my past experiences and being so used to something being "wrong" I have noticed some major attacks from Satan. Feelings of insecurity and not being quite good enough have begun to pop up. I have begun to overthink everything and look for something to be wrong. We had our first disagreement recently and things now feel distant and awkward. I am praying for healing and communication. I miss how it was and I know that God will help, after all I truly believe He brought us together. I just need calming and comforting.
  • Mom to do ok in high heat

    77 year old Mom to do okay in the 108 degree CA heat coming up this week, Air conditioning to keep working. Lord to lift her spirit and make a way for her to visit us this fall
  • Urgent prayer needed

    Update to the prayer request below. I found out my friend was transferred to another hospital with a possible punctured lung. Please continue to pray! Thanks again!
  • Prayers needed!

    My dear sweet elderly friend fell off a ladder dislocated his shoulder or broke it and took off several layers of skin on his leg. His friend is rushing him to the ER to make sure he doesn't have a concussion, injured organs or need surgery. Please pray that God will turn this to good. I am not sure he is saved but he does believe there is a God. He has already had knee replacements so I am praying this won't make him immobile permanently. He still works and needs the income. Thank you for the prayers!
  • Prayer for me

    I need serious prayer tonight, I am under spiritual attack, as I ha e been praying and serving my wayward daughter and helping watch our autistic grandson, who I love alot! Her wish washyness and her husband's toward him has us on an emotional rollercoaster for 7 years. I am crying alot and have alot of anger in my heart today, need prayer for the Lord's love
  • Restoration

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive LIfe radio!Please say a prayer for me I am homeless in NYC at 72 it will be 100 this weekend and at night I will be sleeping on a park bench and there is a rock concert going on this weekend so people will be up all night making it more dangerous so yes I definately covet your prayers for safety!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/19/19
  • Please pray for my kids

    I am asking for prayers for my kids and myself. I was assaulted my ex-husband/ their father. I pray I get sole custody of our kids. I pray the DCF workers remove his custodial rights. Our kids are emotional drained ,continue nightmares. They are in fear of their father. He is bi-polar, anger management issues & has other personality disorders. Two year ago, he choked my daughter. She now struggles to have a relationship with God. My son has shut down completely. I pray to God to allow the Judges, DCF workers, Therapists, & anyone who is working on this case protect my children, rule in the children's favor. For they are innocence.
    I also pray he get the help he needs.