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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • healing

    Please pray for my sister Linda. She has pain she is living with on a daily basis. In her neck, back,shoulders, and arms. There is not a lot they can do for her. She needs a miracle. Thank you
  • finances

    I went to the bank today to borrow a hundred dollars, cause I have no food, and I have a bill that needs paid. They wouldn't even loan me a hundred dollars.
  • My sister's husband

    Please lift up my sister and husband. He wants a divorce and she does not. He might be talking to a girl. But she is not positive. He said he loved her, that wasn't the problem but his OCD has these negative thoughts in his head.
  • Always coming up short

    I am short funds this month again. I need help from God. I have added expenses. I don't know what to do anymore. I am exhausted from the burden.
  • Worried

    I would like prayer for a girl that I think I have hurt her feelings, we have been talking a lot and I really like her, ..she talks to me a lot, I don't know how to say this but I can tell there is something there. I told her last night I think she has a wall up and also said I basically liked her(, she never responded and I think I made her mad and also I am just not sure what she is thinking, I also think she is dealing with a lot of spiritual warfare, I pray God helps her...I need God's help and help for my faith. I need prayer for my mind and that God helps me with my vitamin B-12 problem, I have some issues with depression, etc...it makes it really hard for relationships.
  • Need a wake up call for motivation and putting faith in God

    First...I feel heart broken for some of the prayer requests...I pray that God puts mighty angels around all these prayer requests that have not been answered yet and that God answers them quickly.....I know God can come through and I have seen it, I pray we can see things in the perspective of heavens eyes....there have been a couple things that have happened recently, and it has put some fear in my heart......I need God's wisdom and understanding and God to help me and show me where I have come up short...I also need God to really help me be motivated and guide my ways and really show me to have a bigger faith....what I want to do with my life is going to cause me to have a huge amount of faith as well as daily seeing how God is speaking to me...again I pray God comes through for me in what I want/need and that God answers all these prayers.
  • Stuck

    I am currently feeling very stuck in life. I am in a situation that I pray about constantly. If it were up to me I would change the situation and move on. However, the more I pray the more I feel God saying "wait." I am getting desperate because I can not see the positive or light that might come from this. I am miserable and depressed. I know that is not what God wants for my life. I just don't know what else to do.. so I keep praying and waiting. I don't know how much longer I can hold on. I pray that God reveals something soon, I would like to move forward with my life.
  • Need assistance

    I just need help in so many areas of my life. I don't trust God after so many horrible things have happened and keep happening. So sad.
  • Prayer for my husband deep into alcoholism.

    My husband is lost in alcohol. He also has a condition which is greatly affected by alcohol and he doesn't seem to grasp Thay reality. I'm afraid he's doing irreversible damage to himself and it's also affected our relationship more on top of every other problem we've been having. I honestly feel embarrassed to resort to this but it might be my only hope. I am for prayers for him to come to his senses and stop hurting himself and our relationship, if only for our children that need it most. Please, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Asking For Prayer ,,, Cancer Possible ?

    Hello everyone. I have been having bleeding of my throat and bad head aches. The doctor said what ever is going on in my throat is causing the head aches and the bleeding. Today he took a biopsy of the skin in my throat. Said he wanted to rule out Cancer. Well Cancer runs in our family. I will know more information Friday of this week. Please help me Pray for the best..

    Thank You,,,
    Guy W.