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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for my husband deep into alcoholism.

    My husband is lost in alcohol. He also has a condition which is greatly affected by alcohol and he doesn't seem to grasp Thay reality. I'm afraid he's doing irreversible damage to himself and it's also affected our relationship more on top of every other problem we've been having. I honestly feel embarrassed to resort to this but it might be my only hope. I am for prayers for him to come to his senses and stop hurting himself and our relationship, if only for our children that need it most. Please, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Asking For Prayer ,,, Cancer Possible ?

    Hello everyone. I have been having bleeding of my throat and bad head aches. The doctor said what ever is going on in my throat is causing the head aches and the bleeding. Today he took a biopsy of the skin in my throat. Said he wanted to rule out Cancer. Well Cancer runs in our family. I will know more information Friday of this week. Please help me Pray for the best..

    Thank You,,,
    Guy W.
  • Prayer for friend who is dealing with spiritual warfare, health problems, my attachment disorder

    I need prayer for a special friend Ari, who asked for prayer at church ….they asked for people to stand up that were dealing with crisis and she stood up, that is brave, she is dealing with a big spiritual/personal battle....I pray God helps me to connect to Ari as we are getting to know each other better. I pray God helps me with my OCD and my attachment disorder. I have a hard time loving people and receiving love I think because I was born premature and given away when I was 6 months old....I pray that God gives me the courage to show love and I pray God helps me with my mental health problems.
  • 18 y.o. son

    pray for safety please. My son is scaring me. He is depressed and has left the house. He chases a girl that is broken with addiction, has said she doesn't want a relationship, but my son continues. Please lift him up for safety.
  • Prayer for forgiveness and to see my family more

    First God I would like to thank you for all my blessings. Please forgive me my sins because I have plenty. Please be with everyone that is not doing so well today. Lastly I would like you to pray for me to see my wife and two boys more. With my work I don’t see them too often. Help me to change my career to better our situation. Also God I know you are taking me through this stage of my life to teach me something. Thank you and Amen
  • financial

    I am searching for a new job.. Please pray I find the right one.. Also, I am short on cash to pay a couple bills for the month.. Need a miracle.. Thank you to those who pray..
  • Blood test

    Pray that my blood test I took yesterday be normal, pray they find no diseases in my body thank you.
  • Financial needs

    I really need prayer for financial assistance. I have some unexpected expenses this month and on top of it, I need to pay $400 for a surgery and do some car repairs. Thanks!!
  • School

    Please pray that I will actually pursue a college degree this time and not drop out again. Thank you.
  • Inner healing

    Please pray for me my mental health. I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts for three years and don't see the light also feel numb inside like I don't have a soul and recall my past all the time .. Thanks for your prayers.