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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Strengthen my faith!

    Lord God Almighty! My faith waivers at timer and it seems like I am caught up in the same pattern in my life. Strengthen my faith and show me a way out, for I am losing my Way!!! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Jesus, i call to You

    Dear Lord, please reveal your plans for my life. I need you in my life and I want to share my life with someone. Please hear my prayers and answer, thank you, in Jesus name. Please pray that God will reveal His plans for my life, thank you...
  • Disillusioned

    My whole life has been nothing but putting out one fire to have 20 more pop up. I am tired. I don't feel God's listening. I don't feel he cares if someone is not treating me right in my family or if all my life is bills, stress and health issues. I am not sure my purpose but torment and I physically can't take it. I have a condition that worsens from stress. I just don't get it.
  • Brother In Law Mike Update

    Thank you for the prayers for the results of his test. He saw his doctor today and everything was fine. :-)
  • My sister heart to get stronger

    Please please pray for my sister Kristina. We just came from the hospital. She has went into to respiratory failure. Doctors had to deliver her little baby girl via cesarean. Baby is okay. Kristina is sedated with breathing machine and a heart assistance device. She is in ICU and baby is in NICU. If she her heart does not start working properly she will have to be transferred to Sacred Heart and possibly need a heart transplant. Please pray for her. May God give her strength, heal her for He is the great doctor. Doctors have done all they can and have exhausted all their options.
  • Prayer for daughter

    Pls pray for Shannon, who is in alot of pain after surgery Friday on her foot. This is her 3rd surgery..had 2 when she was 13. Jesus to touch her tonight
  • Brother in law Mike

    Mike has kidney problems. Last week he had a test and he got a call to come in on Monday for the results. Please pray for a good report. Ron From Spokane Valley.
  • suicide

    A family friend is in some serious legal trouble and has tried to kill himself twice w/in the past several days. Please pray for continued (divine) protection, that he would be able to face his problems and want to live, and that Jesus Himself would speak to him so that he would ultimately give his life to God. And please also pray for his family (mom, wife, kids, siblings) as they are going through a lot. Thank you so much!
  • Peace

    I just want peace , in my heart and mind for all the days of my life.
  • Daughter

    My daughter has been sick with a stomach disorder for close to 2 years now. We have gone to so many doctors here in
    Washington State. Little or no progress has been gained. We are now going to a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio next month.
    Please pray for answers and a treatment plan to help her feel better. I continuously pray for her to be better. Sometimes I feel I am not being listened to.