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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lost item

    Today my sister lost her phone with all of her personal information vulnerable. Please pray that she finds it.

    Thank you.
  • Marriage

    Please pray for my marriage. I have strayed from the path of God and entered a relationship with another woman. Please pray that God will heal my marriage of close to 45 years.

    thank you,
  • Finances

    Please pray for my husband I to reach our goals of getting out of debt. We had hardly any credit card debt and now we have $25000.00. We fell really hard into the credit cards and I have asked God please forgive us for what we have done. With summer up ahead the kids need some summer clothes. I was in tears the other morning, because i don't know what to do anymore. I went back to school this year so that I could have a better job in the future and it is not easy. My husband works two jobs he used to get over time but the company has added a third shift to get rid of over time. Our God is big and I am asking that he will provide us the money we need to reach our out of debt goals. Thank you for Praying.
  • My sister and niece

    My sister left a lifestyle of sin last summer – Praise Our Lord! – and is walking with God. But consequences are consequences...
    She is and her unbelieving ex are going to be battling to be the custodial parent for my beautiful niece, who is almost three. At her other mother's house, my niece is in a horrible spiritual environment, among other things. We have been praying so hard that somehow God would give my sister full custody of my girlie, and the first step to that is being custodial parent. It is also so important because the custodial parent makes the final decisions about schooling, etc. and is allowed to move and take the child with them...
    We are putting our trust in God and praying for the best outcome for my niece, knowing that it might not be one that we are entirely happy with.
    Please join us in petitioning our Father for mercy!
  • Children's lives to submit to Lord

    please pray that our young adult children respond to the Lord's call this Easter. two are not seeking Him but thank God one does! We no longer live close to them so we can't be there for Easter & my prayer is for a miracle change in our son & daughter's hearts. Thanks!
  • New Job and Peace in my heart

    Please Prayer Warriors lift me up to our Heavenly Father. I am still waiting on hearing about a job that I interviewed for. The organization said that they would be deciding mid April. Please, pray for the Lord's Favor upon me - I would love to use my Masters and do the Lord's work. Pray for the Lord's timing and my faith - I have been looking for two and half years.
  • Prayer for job & unsaved family members

    Please pray the Lord opens a door for me to return to a school I used to work at. Also, we have unsaved family members & our daughter almost married her fiance but is back toliving with him, due to money issues. We offered to help pay for their wedding, but seems that since we expected him to help pay for some, he wants to postpone longer...they have a one year old baby. Please pray our daughter will no longer put up with this

  • Health

    Please pray that the doctors have made a mistake and what they say is cancer really is nothing. That GOD will perform a miracle and I will raise my four daughters and live a long healthy life serving others
  • Lab tests

    Yesterday I had blood drawn for just a general health assessment. I do not have any known issues that should cause me to worry, but I have always feared I will get bad news. I know it is in His hands and His plan is always better than I could imagine, but sometimes it is hard to not be scared still. Just need prayers for peace as I await results and that all will be well. Thank you for taking the time to pray for me.
  • Job

    I found out yesterday that my boss of 32 years is thinking about selling the business. The new owners would bring in their own employees. Please pray for 20 long time dedicated employees who will have new challenges in their lives and who are all over 50. I was up all night stressing about our futures. We all have morgages and are not yet ready to retire. I turned on PLR this morning and the announcer said "where you up all night stressing over work or a marriage" go to PLR and ask for prayer request. I have to give the whole situation up to the Lord to figure out. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings to you.