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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financial

    Good Morning,
    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God, give me all of His Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power and Insight for my life, and to help me Financially..
  • Healing

    Two years ago I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. I under went 3 surgeries and was back to work 3 months later. I know it is by the grace of God that I survived this and I am thankful to be alive, for the most part. I am now dealing with the side affects of healing that no one else can see and I feel so alone. People look at me on the outside and see what appears to be a normal person but on the inside, I am hurting so much. This has left me with a poor memory and poor concentration. I have also lost my desire to go to church. I still love the Lord but now feel very much out of place. I have isolated myself from everyone that I now have no friends. I am single and feel very much alone in this world. Two things I long for are to be loved and to connect with other people who have gone though this and can understand but I cannot find anyone. I appreciate your prayers.
  • Pray for my son

    Please pray for my son who is going fighting addiction, and to get his family back.
  • Healing For My Sister In Law Martha & My Brother In Law Mike

    Please pray for my sister in law Martha. She has colon cancer. She is very weak and she has fluid buildup in her upper body which is very uncomfortable for her. She won't be finished with the chemo until November!!!! Please LORD give her the strength and the will to continue. She is a great help to me around the house, as I am disabled.

    Please pray for my brother in law Mike. He's a diabetic and he has not been feeling well for the past several days.
    He also helps me around the house a lot. Thank you ALL & God Bless you ALL!!!! *Ron*

  • Several needs

    Hi, I have some needs and hope prayer will bring about the miracles I need. Please pray over my mom who is having a very hard time physically. She is in a lot of pain and doesn't feel well. Her last job really hurt her and there was no way to get compensation for it. I need a place to live that I can afford and I need the funds to move. I have had surgeries years ago that I still haven't recovered from and need God's help and healing. I need money to maintain my car which I use to go to doctors' appointments. I need more medical treatments that my insurance won't cover and I can't afford. Lastly, my bills go up my money remains the same and I need go to help with me with that. Thank you for taking the time to read and pray.
  • God's Promises!

    Please pray The Lords blessings over me and my family. The Lord spoke these blessings to those who earnestly seek Him. His words do not return to Him void and they are purified as silver in fire seven times over! I believe and receive in Jesus's name. Amen.
  • hurting

    1) I feel like I don't have any friends. Please pray God sends me a good Christian wise friend.
    2) My mother died a few years ago and she was my one of my best friends and I spent a lot of time with her talking about life and I miss the closeness of having someone to share thoughts with.
    3) My boyfriend has been distant making excuses not to see me and talk on the phone with me. I don't know what to think. Some days we are good other days we are distinct. It breaks my heart. We have been dating three years and I want to move forward in our relationship. He says he loves me but isn't acting like it.
    4) My oldest son is making poor choices in his life and refuses to take advice.
    Ive been praying for each one of these requests for a while now. Please join me. My heart is hurting and I am feeling alone.
  • jobs

    The past few weeks I have had many job interviews. I have not had one job offer. My income has dropped by 1/3 and I need money to support my family. I have used my savings account and now I am asking from my family to help me. Please pray that a door opens for me for a job offer. I would like to be home with my children during the work week. Thank you for praying for me.
  • Bravery and courage needed..

    I fell victim to sexual assalit the other day with my son being witness to the crime and also traumatized. I am to the police department to give my statement about the incident. I am scared and nervous. I will be going alone. Please pray for me to be brave. and healing for me and my son and family. Thank you.
  • Celebrate and Guidance

    My youngest brother who is eight years old was saved and accepted Jesus about an hour ago. Please pray in celebration with us and pray that me and my other brother will have the proper guidance to teach him what he needs to know while our mom is at work. She's a single mom who works hard. We want to help her as much as we can. Thank you!