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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • need prayer

    I have so many problems right now I guess I should just say Jesus.. Everything from anxiety to relationship.. My anxiety is so bad I am shaking around people sometimes.. Me and my wife are having financial problems.. It has been keeping us apart.. I know that God will get me through my struggles.. He has already gotten me through so much.. I could always use the extra prayer.. And I know we all could.. I am praying for you too.. Thanks for your prayers.. God bless
  • Grandad

    Please pray for my grandad, he had a stroke last week and he's recovering although still in the hospital.
  • Job Situstion

    Please pray for my job situation. Very stressful now, dealing with a shipping problem that needs to be resolved asap. A lot is at stake, feeling very anxious,overwhelmed and discouraged. Thanks.
  • Job and finance

    My boyfriend recently lost his job and he does not qualify for unemployment due to him being a student. Our house was recently robbed so we are really struggling to pay our bills. All I really ask is to ask God to open new job opportunities for him.