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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Addiction

    One of the members of my immediate family is struggling with addiction, it is taking a tole on the rest of the family, I would ask for your prayers for strength to hold my family together, and that we grow stronger in the lord as we go through this experience.
  • Daughter's safety

    Our daughter is suddenly not responding to our phone contacts while traveling in Scotland. Please pray she is ok and healthy and safe and that she will contact us right away. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Friends marriage

    Please pray for unity forgiveness healing reconciliation in my friends marriage. Also please pray for jobs for them and a home to live in.
  • A cold

    I have had a cold for a month now. I have been to the Dr.it just won't go away. Please pray for me.
    Thank you!
  • Medical test and results

    Getting emg tomorrow. Hope the results are something we con fix. Nervous about all this.
  • my 3 Grandkids will not be adoupted out .

    I pray that my husband would want to raise are # grandkids lizzie jadene and Jax and not let them be adouped out to stranngerLORD GOD don"t let my baby be adoupe Please bring them hometo use.
  • Family

    Please pray for healing in our family. My husband and son are fighting. My son is not saved. I don't know if we will have a good fathers day. Also please pray for my work. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day.
    Thank you!
  • my Daughter stop using drug

    I ask for pray for my daughter that GOd would hiell her from a hairone she been using for the last three to four year now
  • loss of a sister

    Please pray for my friend Jamie and her family!! who just lost her sister! We love you Joy and you will be missed so much!!
  • Anxiety

    Underlying anxiety affecting all area of my life...sleep, parenting, daily activities. Pray for FREEDOM!