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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Mother/Health/Financial

    My mother needs a lot of prayers. She is 77 and is going to be moving into an assisted living facility. They are wanting 2 months of rent from her. Plus an additional fee for braking her lease, which is another months rent. So 3 months altogether. We need a financial miracle. Please pray for her. Thank you.
  • husband Wilf

    Thanksgiving morning 2014, a year ago, my husband was attacked by a grizzly bear and shot accidentally by our son in law, in an attempt to save his life. Over the past year, he has had 7 surgeries, major one being a knee replacement, or rod going into his shattered femur and another rod going into the shattered tibia. We are both Christians. Please oh lord I pray for your healing touch one Wilf. Make every part of his body function the way you desire and designed it to be. Heal him of his injury and weaknesses - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I pray that Wilf will live a long and healthy life and not with unbearable suffering and agony, in Christ name. Amen
  • Work Challenges

    Please pray that God will guide me and direct me to resolve some very stressful and challenging work related issues....
  • For my other half

    My boyfriend struggles with anxiety and depression, and a great deal of stress related to his little girl. The thought of losing custody of her is unbearable. Pray he finds peace and trusts God in the midst of these challenges.
  • worried friend

    I have a niegbor who is a great friend, and hes the best person ever, but he has some doubts about God, and is not yet a christian. Please pray for him to become one! Thanks.
  • My young daughter and making poor decisions

    My 14 year old daughter is making some tough/wrong/poor decisions, especially when it comes to boys. I pray for her safety. I pray she "wakes up" and sees the harm she is about to put her self in. We are meeting with our pastor and youth pastor - but I need all the prayers I can get for her salvation and her safety. Please pray for her.
  • help

    I would like to pray for Irina Lord. I am very touched that this special person is out there. I pray that you would be with her in this hard time. Life is very hard. But we know in our hearts Lord that Irina is special to you. And a blessing. We ask in the name of the mostly holy Father that she would be delivered from thoughts of suicide. We pray that she would be safe in this hard time God. And that she would understand you love her. We pray for her family, that they would not have to worry Lord. That Irina would come home safe and transformed from affliction. I pray that you would make a calling on her life. In Jesus mighty name. Amen
  • Financial

    Need a financial blessing Lord please, so I can take care of my family.. Need your guidance on what choices I should make.. Thank you
  • Job where best for hunny & family

    Hubby desiring different job/company
  • Visitation for two people

    Pls pray our grandsons father will cooperate with our daughter peacefully & stop the anger/threats. Also that my sister in CA can have peaceful visitation also
    For her son