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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Mom in hospital

    My mom's in the hospital. Would you please pray for healing and peace for her and my family? Thank you so much!
  • Pregant and Sick

    I have had this on and off stomach flu and am sick months pregnant. I have not eaten a ton and can't keep much in my system. My stomach cramps up so bad it goes into my back and makes my back cramp up. I have missed 3 days of work already. I don't get paid maternity leave, so am trying really hard to save for at least a months pay. Please pray the sickness leaves and the money comes. Am tired of being in pain. The baby is safe , but mama is getting worn out.
  • A Hurting Community

    I graduated from Ephrata High School last spring, and one of my classmates was diagnosed with Cancer. I have recently learned that she has decided to end Chemo Therapy at the age of 18. She has made her Bucket List and is trying to complete as many items as possible. Please be praying for her immediate family, extended family, and all of her friends as she goes through this. I do not know is she is a believer, so please be praying that if she isn't that she will before she passes away. Thank you for your support, we all appreciate it.
  • Church decisions

    Our church needs to solve some problems
    that have arisen lately about doctrine. It is non-denominational so it's been a mix of practices. Lord to guide the elders and pastors with some recent issues
  • Son-in-law & sister

    PleSe pray he get the job he applied for & also that my sister will sense the hope only Jesus can give her tight now in the midst of her marriage problem, custody issues, and financial needs. Her bipolar moods has caused alot of turmoil for herself & she needs continual help & motivation. Our dad to help her find the best place to live & restoration of her marriage!!
  • bad Dreams

    I keep having bad dreams. I don't like them. I ask the LORD for protection while I sleep and if bad or weird dreams happen to come, that I can forget about them swifty and shake them off. Pray with me, Lord Jesus, we know all good things come from the lord and if we ask in faith that you will answer, please Lord protect my mind and shake off these bad dreams, Jesus protect me and my family as we sleep and let angels watch over us. In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray Amen. Thank you positive life family. God bless.
  • Parents and Other concerns

    Please pray for my parents age 81 and 76 who are still in Puerto Rico. WIth no communication. No electric only with a generator. SOme water. I am very concerned and they wont come with us.

    Pray for my son ALex. That he finally get a job. He is in the process of going through the process for different Police departments.
  • Faith

    God the Father,
    Help me with my sort comings. Help me see more of You. Don't let my fear to stop or get in the way of You and Your calling for me. Help me to overcome all other distractions so I may be lead by You and only You. I ask with a repented and a thankful hear. I humbly ask in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Decision time!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters please at Positive Life radio!Please say a prayer for me i am homeless in NYC at 71 the weather has gotten much colder early this year so i need GODS help to decide the best course of action to stay close to him and still stay alive!GOD richly bless you brother danny 10/2/17
  • Health

    My health seems to be getting worse and it is already was really bad. I need surgery for my mouth not covered by insurance that I can't afford. I can't heal my stomach from really bad GERD. I've tried fasting and then tried shake diets so I can give my stomach a break but I get severely ill every time I try. My diastolic numbers have been a tad high when I normally have really low BP. I am so concerned. I've had a really hard life and I need God's healing touch. I keep reading Psalms 30:2 to calm myself and hope that God heals me. I have terrible migraines and I think my new migraine med may be causing the higher BP numbers. I am trying not to stress because I know that will make things worse. Almost all these problems started after a car accident that kind of ruined my life. I am asking God to free me from health issues.