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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Need prayer for specifics

    I've been praying for guidance & I'd really like a touch from the Lord for peace. Whenever my hubby & I discuss options I feel stressed about all our options. We are believers & I used to be ok letting him decide on major decisions but I'm struggling
  • Son's Marriage

    My son and daughter-in-law are struggling in their marriage. They have a 3 year old and are 10 days away from welcoming another child. Please pray for peace and reconciliation in their relationship. Pray that she sees other options rather than divorce. Pray that they will be a good example of love and respect to their children. Thank you!
  • My Daughter Needs Prayer

    Hello Everyone ,,,

    My daughters name is Jessica Wilks and the guy she has been dating for a very long time will tell her he loves her and they do good for a long time and then he breaks it off. He has done this three times now. Right now she is a emotional wreck and has two daughters that need her right now. Please pray for Jessie and her daughters.

    Thank You ,,,
    Guy W. Her Dad
  • Scared

    I don't know what I am going to do. I have a shutoff notice for two weeks away and two other large bills that must be paid at the end of the month. I have to have bills paid! I have been praying like crazy.
  • petition drive

    I am going to try to collect signatures today and into next week for a very worthy cause/petition drive and would like prayer to be able to "think of" all kinds of people I know, or whom I would be comfortable asking, to sign. The cause is a good one, but right now it feels like a burden... I am not well connected in my community - don't know a lot of folks, and I am not super outgoing, so I really need prayer for ideas and boldness, please. Thank you very much -- I truly appreciate any prayer support.
  • Interview

    Interview tomorrow I'm asking for prayers that I get the job and that I answer the questions correctly this job would be a good fit for my family and relationships
  • Relationships and health

    I would like prayer for my dad (Lynn) and brothers (jake and cole). My dad had a reaction to one of his medications or possibly food and his mouth and tongue swelled up, it kept him from breathing well and he was scared and went to the hospital, they are monitoring him pray it gets better. Please pray for the relationships between my dad and brothers and that God's love fills them, pray they get along and that they continue to work hard and not be deceitful in their pay. Pray that my dad has wisdom in paying them. Pray for Jake and his health as he has hepatitis C and sometimes he has internal bleeding. Pray for my mind (shane) as I have anxiety and hard time thinking. God Bless
  • New job for me

    Pls pray I can find a job soon in the town we just moved to
  • Grandson's school

    Pls pray his preschool will see the need to
    Restrict younger toddlers from using the high playground equipment that they are only concerned he will fall off (due to his poor eyesight). This seems to be an issue that could affect other children too
  • Parent agreement for grandson

    Pls pray our daughter can be timely to get the legal help she needs to get a parent plan in place.
    Her 3 year old son's father is non-commital to when he will return him (every time she lets him take him) & they live 4 hours apart