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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • please pray for mom

    My mom has problems with her health and i want to ask to pray for her please.
  • Court Case for my home

    My daughter’s father filed a court case against to force my home into sale/foreclosure so he can get money that he did not invest in the home. He has made several false claims and I need a heavenly intervention NOW. He is such a bitter person. He is asking for over $60K which I cannot afford to pay him and since his name is on the mortgage and the deed, there is a possibility that the court will order the home be sold. I want to keep my home because I struggled and paid over $200K in mortgage since 2008 after he walked out and left me with a baby and $3,000 in monthly payments. We bought the home together but he walked away and did not pay his half of the mortgage as agreed. I struggled on my own now he wants the home to be sold because he knows that I stand to lose a lot more than he ever will. Please pray God's grace for a miracle and that God work things out in my favor. Thanks.
  • Prayers for my sick spouse

    I would appreciate it very much if you would pray for my husband. He has congestive heart failure. On more than one occasion, he almost died. He is having trouble breathing, so taking him to the ER. He was in ICU last time for several days. He told me this morning he feels he is dying. I cannot lose him. I love him very much. He is a good and caring person. Thank you for reading this.
  • feeling lost and confused

    Recently life has took a big turn for I'm,only 18 live with my,gramma,and I,have had a,lot of losses in the past 6 months and things,are just fallen appart I lost,my,job. Food is tight money is tight and I can't find a,job I am just reaching out I can only hold,back for so,long and I need prayers
  • Prayers For Health & Healing

    My sister in law Martha had six weeks of radiation and seven months of chemo for colon cancer last year. Praise God the cancer is in remission. Her bones were weakened from the radiation and chemo and she broke her right hip. She had a right hip replacement on 3/10/15. She wasn't feeling well today and she was running a fever. Please pray for her for healing and strength. Also, pray for my brother in law Mike for strength and health. And for me for strength and health and peace of mind. Thanks and God Bless!!!! Ron
  • Please pray for my daughter

    I am asking for prayer for my daughter please. She is disabled and I have been going through treatment for severe arthritis and have lost my job and due to being the only involved parent in my daughter's life to help her she is stressed and has broken out in severe hives and colitis. I am standing on God's promises to deliver and provide for us and for His glory to shine through our lives but she is so scared. Thank you!!I will pray for all of you too!
  • Going through a Divorce

    I am currently going through a Divorce, I have two 10 year children. Boy and Girl, twins. Our family just needs prayer through this difficult time. And I specifically need prayer to find my way back to living a Christian Life and to fully give my life over to the Lord, so that I can serve him as I am supposed to and be an example to my children.
  • Son needs to pass Math

    Son (24) has tried 3x to pass a remedial college math class...has has finished also every class he needs to get his AA but can't pass this class despite Getting help...needs Lord to help him retain info to pass tests
  • Son

    Please pray for my son Clay-he is angry with the whole world-including me-his mother-He need's the Lord's amazing peace to touch him --I am lost in knowing how to help him-he is 40 yr's old & disabled-but live's on his own-he won't tell me who or why-or what is angering him--Please pray- Thank-you!!!!

  • Need a job

    I've been looking for a job for couple month already and still cant get one, please pray for me so that God would bless me with one. Thank you.