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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • update

    Thank you for your prayers.. God has done wonderful things in my life.. He healed pain I had been living with for years.. I don't know what it is about me though.. I mean, if there is something to worry about, I will worry.. At night when I sleep, I have terrible nightmares.. And when I awake, I feel messed up all day.. I pray that God would protect me from evil.. This stronghold satan has over me.. And make my soul right.. So I can serve him.. That is all I ever wanted.. I pray that I would not sin.. Or give place for the devil.. That God would heal me financially.. That things would go well at work.. Help me with my anxiety and fear God please.. Amen.. God bless everyone
  • Grandson

    I would appreciate prayers for my grandson Riley as he doesn't want to go to school for some reason. He has always loved school and does well. Thank you.
  • feeling overwhelmed

    by my own doing and some others, i got myself overcommitted to work and volunteering. Feeling exhausted and need prayer for wisdom to know how and what to cut out.
    thank you
  • Prayers for a volunteer

    One of our wonderful volunteers is going in for emergency open heart surgery today. Please pray for her family as well.

    Thank you.
  • Handling duties of each day and finding the peace of God

    By my own doing I became overloaded with work and commitments. I am exhausted and am looking for ways to find some relief. The cares of the world can eat up my time with God. Need wisdom to know what is important and what can be let go. Thank you.
  • My job

    I don't think my boss likes me. She is very rude to me. It makes me feel bad. I don't want to lose my job.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • My dog

    I love my little dog so much! I just took him to the vet a week ago but this week I noticed a small lump on him under his rib cage near his stomach. I am not sure when it developed but I just want to cry. I know it may be nothing but please pray with me that it is harmless. I love this little guy so much. God, if this isn't serious please give me a peace that surpasses all human understanding and if it is serious please heal my dog. In Jesus name Amen. Thank you!
  • God please help my daughter

    For my daughter NatalĂ­, this is her first year in college. She has finals this Monday from 8-10 am and 2-4 pm, and Tuesday from 10 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm. She is very stressed out. I also worry that she may not continue to make God a priority in her life. I pray for wisdom and God's presence in her life.
  • Finding Home

    I'm currently expecting my third child with my ex-fiancé, we already have two beautiful little girls and this third one came as a surprise. The father has walked up and left and wanted nothing to do with his third kid and is hardly having a relationship with his two daughters, i ask that you pray for us, for God to bring the prodigal spouse back. I ask that you guys will pray for restoration, a change of heart and a way back home. He's out living his life the way he wants to freely and happy but doesn't see the damage he's doing and what's about to come. I ask that you pray for me to keep my faith strong and to not loose sight of god. Thank you
  • Join me in praying for my marriage

    We are a very young marriage and have already had some major bumps. I know this is not all smooth sailing but I worry that my husband has slipped away from God's presence and his relationship with Christ is no longer a priority to him. We will like to have kids but I am afraid, of losing myself and of how my life will be permanently changed. PLease join me in praying that we get back to making Christ the center of our home, depending on him for guidance in everything. ALso praying that peace and love will reign.

    Thank you very much, for this and for the message of hope and salvation that you share with the world.