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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family issues, Hard times...

    Please Keep PRAYING for our Daughter Kathy to COME BACK HOME ASAP, She is STILL in WASHINGTON STATE THANK GOD..,
  • Direction For Son/Medical Miracle

    Please pray for our son, we have been lifting him up for so long. We have another chance to have an EEG, and are asking for divine intervention and healing, to hear the words 'normal'. This is a pivotal time in his life, we are in dire need for God to move in his life. He also needs prayer for direction, and a career pathway, as he does not know. Partly from frustration, and waiting. His dream has been crushed, and he cannot see further than his pain. We have experienced fear in the middle of the night, and it overcomes us.
  • Health issues

    Hello, I am asking for prayer for my health. It is really bad and because of it, I am stressing in my sleep. I am exhausted and worn out today.
  • work anxiety

    I am having a bunch of anxiety that I have to go back to work today.. Please pray everything goes well.. And I overcome this fear.. Please God renew a right spirit and soul in me.. Thank you
  • Diverticulitis

    My husband got Diagnosed with diverticulitis I am asking for prayers. he has really bad fevers and chills. he has missed a week of work and is still running fever he went to work today not feeling well and I need help with prayers asking God for his complete healing in Jesus name!!!
  • Prostate Cancer

    Just wanted to let you all know thank you for the prayers God is Good my step dad is feeling so much better. he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and the DR. had said he had one month to live. we are so thankful he is going on Month 3 and is feeling better. thanks to God and all your prayers.
  • Health Issues

    Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray he handles stress well, has normal blood pressure and has no side effects from medication.
  • Improvement

    I need God's help as I transition from a single to married life; and for help in fulfilling all of my current obligations and hopes.
  • Dad Health Issue

    On Wednesday, my Dad goes to see the heart surgeon after all the testing. Prayers that he doesn't need to have surgery at all in the name of Jesus and everything will okay. Lord, please work your miracles in this situation.
  • Praises for prayer answered

    Thank you

    I wanted to say thank you to everybody who prayed about my the job for my daughter jenny.... It made a huge difference.. She was offered the job and she begins May 22...Praises and worship to our awesome and powerful Lord....The power of positive prayer and doing the will of Jesus is unstoppable. Continue prayers that she will follow our Lord and Savior lead during her time of learning the job. Jesus guide her and be with her as she transitions into her new role.
    Thank you Jesus for your provision!