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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • A Need For God's Devine Direction

    Please pray that God would be foremost in my life... I want be a witness and example of God's love for ALL of my family! We need Gods direction to find a church home also..
  • Bring Him Home

    My best friend was sent to ALS and is training to be Staff Sergeant. He doesn't want to be in the Air Force any longer. He was supposed to be let go last year on November 19th but they kept him in and continue to keep him in no matter how much he has tried to get out. He's too much of an asset to them, so they aren't letting him go. He doesn't want to be Staff Sergeant. All he wants is to be home with me and my family that has become his. We are coming up on the halfway mark of his two years of service after his contract ended, but there's no telling what they will have him do. He has a family here at home who needs him. There are things going on with me that involve my safety and the safety of my family. My father is still free and able to roam around while he had sexually abused me and so many others.
  • Job oppotunity/ financial strain

    My family is in some financial strain. Behind on our house and car and a few others. My husband has a great opportunity that would really help us out but it is a job that requires him to be gone months at a time. Please pray for us and whatever jesus has in his plans for our family. This job would reallly help but I know god has plans and I want to do whatever his plans are and not what we think is best.
  • Needing help

    I am tired of being so angry and overwhelmed all the time. I feel like part of it comes from not hearing God clearly when I'm trying to figure out where He wants me and what He wants me to be doing with my life. I need His guidance and peace and any prayers would be appreciated!
  • Thumbdrive

    I'm a writer and a high school student and I've lost my thumb-drive. For me, this is a disaster because there are many important documents on it. I would appreciate your prayer that God would show me where it is. The last time I saw it was two days, and since then I've been looking it, but to no avail. Thank you very much in advance.
  • Niece and gay/straight alliance

    Please pray for my niece. She just sent me a text message asking if she could stay after school for the gay/straight alliance group that meets at her local high school. She lives with me and I am trying to show her the Christian way of life. someone one told me "Hate the Sin not the Sinner" and I am praying hard that she as well as others will see the Light.
  • marriage

    Hello. Me and my fiance are trying to borrow some money to get married. The bank said they would do it at first. Now they are having second thoughts. We are going to try again tomorrow. Please pray to God that they would show us grace. Thank you
  • Stress

    Stress is really taken a toll on my health. The bills raise their prices constantly but my income remains the same. I have to have an EKG because I am having heart pain. I am doing things like leaving my car door open when I go into to the store, forgetting words I've known all my life and leaving refrigerated food out. I can't sleep. I can't do it anymore. I just need God to help me. I have to bills that have to be paid or they will cancel. I've cut everything and only have the basics. I am at a loss. Very depressed.
  • Poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, hopelessness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where I live, we have poverty, extreme alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide and feelings of hopelessness. Please pray against a spirit of hoplessness and suicide in my community. Please pray for the teenagers, the young one's without parents or proper care. Healthy self esteem. Freedom from the bondages of addiction! Please pray for Raymond, Miles, John, Deanna, Brian, Marcello, Ashley, Moses, Nevaeh, and Louie. Health, uncondidtional love, positive choices, support, and the proper resources to aid them in their overall spiritual, mental, physical, emotional health!!! Jesus to set them free. For the Christians like me to step up and tell them about Jesus! More workers in the field! Thank you!
  • Mom in pain

    Please pray for my wonderful giving mother who feel twice at the dentist office last week. She is in a lot of pain and already had problems in fer feet and legs. Her whole leg is bruised and swollen. She is 67 years old and unable to walk at all. scanned for a blood clot today and there wasnt any so thats good. thanks in advance for your prayers!