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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My granddaughter

    Please pray for my granddaughter, Chantel. She is in jail. I don't know any details. I do know that she is so lost and making very unwise decisions. She has a one year old daughter staying with family. I have been praying for her everyday for a long time, but I need prayer warriors. Thank you very much.
  • The Lord would heal nephew eye

    just found out yesterday evening my nephew who is only 25 is having surgey to have one of his eyes removed and a glass on put in Monday the 16th of May. Not sure what all is wrong. all I know for sure is that he has been having a lot of pressure around that eye and it is causing all kinds of problems the doctors have tried everything to fix it and nothing worked so now they are planning on removing it and putting a glass in. pray that God would heal his eye and that he will be able to keep his eye and the vision in both eyes.
  • Severe Anxiety and Spiritual Attacks

    Please pray
    *that I will be freed from my severe anxiety. I have dealt with this for forty years and I am emotionally and mentally exhausted.
    *that I can overcome the severe spiritual attacks that I have been going through for the last two months.
    *that God will provide a friend and a Christian man for a husband for me. I am so lonely.
    *for the salvation of my niece who is 15.
    *for my step father's health
    Thank you. It means so much that others are praying for me.
  • 2yr old sick!

    Thank you all so much for your prayers. My little girl has not thrown up since yesterday and was able to have some solids! She is still on the mend but doing so much better! Thank you
  • Pray for my boyfriend.

    Please keep praying for my boyfriend Kim Shelley.
    He broken leg and knee in a work accident.
    Thank you.God Bless all.
  • Agree for mom/grandmothers healing

    Please agree with me right now for my mothers healing. That the Lord has healed her already and she will not suffer. I claim healing for all here who are calling upon the Lord. I believe, touch n agree with all of u for the Lords divine intervention.For he has died for our sin and sickness and disease. We all claim what is rightfully ours.....HEALING!!!!!! IN JESUS NAME.....for whatever is askd in the Lords name shall b done!! I REBUKE THE DEVIL and spirit of sickness and disease! all spirits that are not of our Lord!! WE ALL BLIEVE ALL IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!! AMEN!!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS
  • apt flood

    Please pray for the people who live below us. Our toilet in our apartment overflowed and we were unaware. The water ran down from our third floor to the bottom floor. It knocked the power out to the second floor. I just ask for prays for the people below us and ask for God's grace and protection to provide for the cost of repairs.
  • darkness needing encouragement

    I have a co worker who is going through a very rough and dark time. My prayer request is that they will seek the lord to bring it out. I pray for encouragement and internal healing!! PLEASE pray for this person to find the lord and his comfort, that they may really know him and his unending love for us!
  • 2yr old sick!

    Went to Doctor, got some anti nausea medicine. She hasn't thrown up since fluids for 2hrs. Please keep praying that she doesn't throw up. She still complains of her tummy hurting though. Thank you for prayers and time .
  • My husband

    Please keep praying for my husband. He has addictions. He knows the Lord.
    I really appreciate your prayers.