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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter

    Please for my daughter who loves the lord and wants to serve him but is so distracted by social media. Also pray that her empty heart would be filled with gods love. She has met guys online and after a couple of days of texting they tell her that they love her and they live 1000 of miles away. They have never met her. This isn't only playing with her emotions but her heart is continually getting broken because she wants a boyfriend so bad that it is almost like she try's so hard instead of taking it to God! She did meet a guy at our church and she really like him and he seems nice, so praying for what God has in their relationship.
  • Distracted

    I feel silly asking this, but I need prayer to keep my mind on God. I know that this is time in my life that He wants me to be sold out for Him, but I find that all I am ever thinking about is marriage and romance. It has started to consume me and I don't like it, I know that marriage is good, but I think I have made the thought of it, into an Idol. so please pray that God will help me to be content where I am now and to focus on Him. Thank you
  • My life /egg finances

    Thank you for any prayer that may help. I'm a single mom living with my elderly mother and my eight year old boy. I was diagnosed with MS in '09& have fought through the physical but the financial is next to nothing. All I pray for is to be able to finacially take care of my son & mother. I pray consta my sonof ntly to ask The Lord what I can do. I make sure my son & mother are watched over but I just don't know what it is he wants me to do. Please pray for us & our money challenges
  • tough

    Please pray for me. I have some tough decisions to make financially. Have not enough money for my bills. I do not have enough food for the month. I am not sure what to do. I have asked God for help for over a year and hoping He will move soon. It's been a stressful year.
  • Prayer for my daughter.

    I know every parents heart breaks when they see their child stray so far. My daughter grew up in a Christian home, but has allowed some hard circumstances to take her to the bottom. She is facing losing her apartment, major car and finance issues, employment in a very corrupt environment, and health issues. I have helped her out financially, but it only adds to her bad choices, so it is no longer an option. As a mom, I have to pray and wait while she hits the bottom. Please pray with me that God will send someone into her life that can encourage and pray with her. (She doesn't want to hear it from Mom.) She knows what is right, but there is this thing called pride.

    To all of us Christians, please don't miss opportunities to reach out in love to those around us. Remember, they are some ones son or daughter.

    Thank you so much for your prayers!

  • Broken...

    Please pray that God will show me his love, and I would feel loved.
    Please pray I have energy, and that God would help me bare the burden of stress.
    Please pray that God would help me manage my time, and my parents to be pleased and proud of me...I'm so tired...
  • DESPERATE, LIFE or DEATH type of situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just took a bold step in sharing my faith with a person. I typed out a long private message on facebook to this person. I did this because I never ever see this person and I needed to do something FAST! This person is only 29 years old and has cirrhosis. This person has been drinking HEAVILY since the age of 12-13. They were told to STOP drinking or they would die. He only stayed sober for a month and is back at it again. I feel he has given up on life. So I took this bold step and shared Jesus with him and a couple stories. This is the 1st time I've shared my faith, so I felt uncomfortable doing it, but it NEEDED to be done. Please pray MIGHTILY for this young person. Please declare the chains of alcoholism and abuse be broken in his life. That he can heal from this disease. ANY AND ALL PRAYERS PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Thank you so much.
  • God's will for me and my kids

    I have been asking for a prayer off and on. My life has changed when I met my ex husband. I have been in court system with him since 2010. I need to go back tomorrow and I need you to pray. God will prevail. I believe God has a plan for me and my kids and our future. I need a protection order to countinue on my ex. I lost peace and I just want to live again without looking back. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Thank you!
  • Daughter

    Please pray for my daughter who just got back from Mexico on a missions trip. That God would release her from all the bondage she is feeling from her past. She has met this guy from our church and I pray for their relationship and both of them to seek God first in their lives and make him the center of their relationship.
  • Pray for my marriage

    My husband left me for another woman 2 1/2 months ago. I have been praying for him to come back this whole time and I hope it is God's will for us to be together. We both have made some mistakes, but I really want to save our 15 years together. I love him more than I ever knew. This experience has changed me and brought me back to God. Please pray for us. Thank you so much!!