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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Job

    I applied for a job, and I know that they are hiring, because my friend works there. It has been a couple of weeks and they just had someone quit on them. I really want to work for this company and need a job. I would like prayer that I get called in for a job interview and that it goes really well and they hire me. Thank you, God Bless.
  • health and job

    Please pray for my health and complications from 30+ years of diabetes. Also the difficulties at my job from changes, employees and management. Thank you and God Bless!
  • Son to put Lord/church first

    Our 24 year old is believer but has no strong Christian friend near him. His good friend in area lives with a gf & my son helps him with little business. I've been encouraging him but he thinks I nag
  • Son

    My son who will be 18 in September, has recently went to a reformed church. They teach that God hates us, that God predestines people to hell and heaven, we have no choice in anything, he has became very disrespectful. I need prayer! Please!
    Thank you!!
  • Teen son

    I'm desperate. I have another obstacle. My teen son has a medical diagnosis that is minor, but effects many aspects of his life and potentially his future. Recently he wanted to do something and we needed to fill out paperwork that has those personal questions on it. It has created a tail spin that he is not doing well with. He will not do anything around the house, he stays in his room all day. He is very negative towards himself, us and his future. He is, once again, mad at why 'God did this to him'. He can't emotionally get past this. I fear revealing these recent details to his dad. That makes it worse, because of the potential reaction to our son. I'm trying to keep the peace and I've put myself right in the middle, as well as carrying a burden that is incredibly overwhelming. Please and thank you.
  • rice for cambodia

    I feel like God is calling me to help in the rice for cambodia campaign. I need to know what my next move is supposed to be. Hoping this is it.