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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Help

    My husband is very depressed about life and finances. He said if he wasn't christian he would take his life.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • Missionary Family

    My sister and her family are missionaries with Wycliffe. They've been home for furlough and training for the last two years, but now they're in Cali for a bit, then they'll be leaving for their second missionary term in (the safer) Congo. They have five children under ten, along with their missionary stuff that they're doing. I'd like to ask for prayer for their safe travels, wisdom in their decisions and parenting, continued support from people, protection as they live and work in Congo, God's peace and guidance, and that their work would be productive and would glorify God.
  • Wild Fire's In Washington State

    Washington state and every where else,, wild fire's causing so many problems. People loosing there homes ,, people loosing there lives ,,, people suffering from the smoke. Please Help Me Pray For The Fire's To Go Out and The Safety For The Fire Fighters and Everyone Who Is Suffering From The Smoke Including Me and My Son. My name is Guy and my son's name is Brandon.

    Help Us All Lord ,, Thank You For Your Prayers
  • Homeless

    We are in the worse financial bind and will be living in our car soon. I am asking God what to do now and my prayer request is for a financial miracle. Thank you and God Bless!
  • stress

    I'am having a nervous breakdown. If you could send some prayers my way. I can't sleep much anymore.
  • Husband and finances

    My husband said he doesn't want anything to do with our son. My husband thinks our son has no financial struggles and he's seems to be happy.Our son is not saved. That's why my husband is depressed. My husband thinks we should be doing great because were Christians. He doesn't understand why my son has it all. We need financial prayers.
    Thank you
  • God is good always

    I just wanted to say thank you to those who prayed for my sister Linda.. God has done so much.. When I first started having you pray for her, she had a lot of pain.. And God gave her a miracle.. There is no more fluid buildup in her body.. I ask that you would continue to stand with me that she will be completely healed.. Her shoulder is still hurting her.. She has had problems with her neck, back, shoulders, and arms for a while now.. And I am so thankful to you and our God.. God bless
  • nephew

    Please pray for my nephew Justin. He has anxiety, and he is so painfully shy he can't talk to people. Thank you
  • Lord to open/close new position at work

    A teacher at my work has told me she'd like me to be her assistant. It would mean changing classes & I'd like Lord to give my manager desire for me to change if it's best for us all
  • Sister to desire emotional healing

    Sister in CA has struggled emotionally since the birth of her son. She has custody issues &'needs Lord