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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Christmas

    Please pray that we have a nice Christmas. I feel bad when we don't get along.
    Thank you
  • Healing 4 Diana.

    Last week I asked if you could plz Pray for Diana as they removed a Brain Tumor. Well they got the results back from Biopsy and Doctor says it's stage 4 cancer. Diana is a 37year old mothers of 3 with her youngest being 5. Diana has Faith and is Trusting the Lord to see her through this situation and bring healing to her body.
  • addiction

    Please pray for Jeff. He is an alcoholic and we think he might have mental problems. He gets very violent towards family when he is drinking. He needs to do something with his life. Thank you
  • Sharing the gospel

    This Christmas weekend I have an opportunity to share the gospel with a large group of people. I pray that God to speaks through me.
  • cancer

    I recently found out my brother has skin cancer. Could you pray that he would beat this illness ? And that God would be with him. Things have not been going well for him in general. They had to put a stint is in heart. And he lost his insurance. So he has not been able to get his heart meds. His name is Clifford. At times he talks about suicide. Could you pray he would not have these thoughts ? Thank you. And God bless everyone here. I know God is a God of miracles.
  • URGENT...Prayers needed

    I have a brain injury suffered 10yrs ago which drastically changed my life. I can no longer live alone so now live with a sibling. I am a believer though I don't feel much like one lately. I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now with organizing/cleaning my room. My sibling keeps asking me HOW I'm doing, but I'm too embarrassed to ask for help because I've been trying to work on this for weeks after it took me about a month to adjust my new situation. I'm very frustrated to say the least. I also need to send an insurance claim today via email which is mostly done, but I've misplaced some very important things that I need to include in it. I need to find these documents so that I can submit it all at once to finalize it once and for all so I can receive my money for the losses & cancel insurance. Please pray for me.
  • Struggling with anger and frustration.

    For the past few years my husband and I have been raising 3 of our 7 grandchildren ages now,7,6 and 4 year old girls.. We also still have 2 of our 6 kids at home. Our 3 older kids have made poor choices in their lives which has put 1 in prison and 2 in long term rehab. Which has left us to care for our grandchildren. It has been a long road and many mixed emotions and resentment towards our older kids. This has had an impact on our home life and our marriage, big time. I am ready to be fully delivered from the chaos that has plagued our home. Please pray for complete restoration in our marriage and for happiness,joy and grace to fall upon us and our 16 and 10 year old still in the home! Pray for compassion towards our grangrandbabies. I want to smile and be genuinely happy again! I want to feel comfortable around my husband and feel loved and love him back.
  • Daughter Needs A Job and Medical/Mental Help

    My adult daughter is struggling with mental illness or personality disorder. I'm not sure of the exact diagnosis. Right now she finds herself homeless and living in a shelter. Please pray 1. that her doctor will help her find the correct medication and dosage; 2. that she will find a job and a safe, permanent place to stay; 3. that God would reveal his love and his plan of salvation to her.
  • Just Wanted To Say Thank You

    I went into the doctor today and got the Cortisone shots in my back. Still pretty sore but I should know with in the next 3 to 4 days it the shots will work. I wanted to Thank You All For Your Prayers and To Let You Know I Am Praying For Everyone On This Website.

    Thank You Again For Your Prayers,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Cousin's Needs

    And also pray for my cousin who just finished breast cancer treatment this summer and now had her husband of twenty-some years admit to using cocaine and having multiple one-night stands, and although he says he's stopped both bad behaviors, she is afraid to trust him and is angry and very sad. She isn't a Christian but has become closer to God over the past two years.

    May God pour His grace and love and peace on all those involved. Shower them with Hope.