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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Mother in law in hospital

    Please, please, please pray for my mother in law. She is in the hospital with pneumonia and it is not getting better. I lift her up to you Lord, in the name of Jesus, please heal her and provide her comfort. Dear God, I just pray that you are with her, heal her Lord. In Jesus name I pray, amen!
  • Prostate Cancer

    My dad is in Mexico getting a treatment called radio therapy I would like prayers that this will help him and that through this God gives my dad a second chance in life. Praying that God forgives him and has mercy over him that way my dad can forgive himself and learns to be humble and sees the greatness in God and puts him first as his lord and savior. Also prayers for my mom that God gives her peace and strength each day. My dad is on week number 2 for this radio treatment I thank you all for your time and prayers God Bless !!!
  • Daughter is drug addict

    My daughter 30 yrs old, married 10 yrs with 3 children 10,8,4 yrs. Two years ago my daughter left her family to pursue her love of alcohol & drug addiction. Please pray that the Lord leads someone into her life to help her get the help out of the miserable life she leads. She is homeless frequently gets assaulted on the streets. The family misses her immensely. I only know to request prayer, I have tried anything else I can think of.
    Thankyou for your prayfull support
  • Surgery

    I am so grateful I get to have my surgery for my mouth. The specialist doesn't want to do one area of my mouth because he thinks it doesn't need it but it is really hurting me. My prayer request is that God will heal this area. It hurts to eat, drink, sleep, talk etc. I will be having surgery on the other areas next month. Thank you for the prayers.

    URGENT PRAYER for my DAD who is CRITICALLY ILL ..... Today I went to go Visit, HIM, and started to cry.... I Still, believe in PRAYER, Please PRAY DIVINE COMPLETE HEALING, for my DAD., Also he gets better.. He Had CANCER, and was in REMISSION for YEARS,. Now he's EXTREMELY ILL.... Please keep Praying for my DAD, for COMPLETE HEALING for my DAD.. thank you. Please Pray,,
  • Complete healing

    Please pray that God heals me from vertigo. Amen.
  • Family

    Please pray for my family and the gluttony I may have. Please pray that I can sort out my desires, I am not sure what to do, but I have some ideas of what I want.
  • URGENT prayers please

    My family lost my cousin ( their son, nephew, a brother and father) this morning at 2:30am in a car accident. I pray for my family and that his family has the strength to get through this as everyone is devestated by the loss. He was only 34 years old. He has two small children that need their daddy whom they will never see again. A sister who needs her older brother to be there for her when now she’s the only child. Seeing his direct family suffer is making this so much harder because I can’t fix this.
  • Prayer request

    Please pray for Alan to be healed and blessed. Pray also for his family that they are blessed and the Lord helps them all.
  • Restoration, Peace,

    Please Pray for DIVINE RESTORATION, between my HUSBAND and our SON Tyler.. There's a lot of STRIVE, and DISTRUST,
    Please PRAY for RESTORATION, a better Father and son relationship. Please Pray.