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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • healing , financial provision

    healing of mouth and throat , financial provision, teeth fixed
  • Guidance

    Hello, I have been seeking employment for some time now. It seems like I’m coming across many road blocks, not sure what directions to turn. Please pray for Gods direction for work employment outside the home for me. I feel led to work outside the home, now that my kids are off in college.

    Thank You
  • Need God's help

    I need God's help in a lot of areas of my life; finances, relationships, emotional issues, just really need God's help. I can see certain things aren't gonna pan out like I had hoped they would and I am devestated, My mind and emotional issues play a role in this, and honestly I probably really need God's help to heal my mind because if my mind was better, I probably would see better to cope with this a lot better.
  • Restoration

    Praying for financial blessings and provision for our construction plans and all areas of our finances. Needing divine intervention to restore our family and finances.
  • direction purpose depression

    Hi, I am battling with depression. Mom with three kids. Stay at home. Freelance work. Not steady... Feeling no purpose... just cleaning cooking looking after everyone... doubting my purpose and calling. Need to earn money to add to family expenses.
  • Healing, job, safety in divorce

    Please pray for physical healing, pain in my right side 1.5 years, no diagnosis.

    Please pray for a job with health insurance.

    Please pray for continued safety for my daughters and I in divorce from abusive husband/father.

    Thank you.
  • Family Member

    Please pray for my son. He recently lost his job due to drug addiction and anger issues. He has three young children to support and will refuses to get the help he needs. Please pray for the lord to touch his heart and lead him to get the help he needs to get healthy for the sake of his children.
  • Prayers please!

    I am not getting along with a family member and I am considering ending the relationship. I have a very dysfunctional family and no one to talk to. I need God's help to see what to do. I also need to know where to go. I don't really hear God's voice so I feel really alone.
  • Shallow

    Please pray that I would not be shallow, that I would persevere in prayer and desire to pray.
  • My Best Friend has Brain Cancer

    Please Pray for my Best Friend, she found out last week that she has un-operable brain cancer. She isn't one to really believe in God as she says she prays but no prayers are answered. Please also pray for me that I will be able to bring her to God before this horrible disease takes her life.