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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Thank you for praying for daughter facing sinus surgery

    Update for my daughter Samantha (29) Spokane- facing sinus surgery, working 50+ hrs a wk, single mom- 2 small children. Ct scan showed a whole pinky finger size growth originally thought to be tumor associated with bone cancer. Praise the Lord for His great mercy and grace! Appears to be a fluid filled cyst that drained while Dr did biopsy. Will still have to have surgery but not with the urgency Dr first thought. Praise God. Located all in front right side of sinus and cheek-worse case they'd have to drill through gum to clear out right cheek area. Praying that clears and drains with God's provision, the surgery to go well, protection, His healing touch, and if it is His will- for the whole growth to dissolve or to come out completely so no surgery is needed! Trusting in the Lord with my whole being-with a thankful heart I pray His love, grace, mercy and blessings to you.
  • healing

    Plzz pray for my husband Angel Lopez who has a tumor pray that its not cancer. He will have surgery to see the tumor. Prayer with us that its not cancer and the surgery goes well. Plzzz god dont let this be cancer. Thank you. God bless
  • financial

    I am a single parent of four kids. I work full time. I have been a Single parent for a very long time. I am so tired and we never have enough to cover the bills. We only have basic bills. I need a fiancial break thru. More wisdom and energy to provide more or whatever the Lord wants.
  • Peace for the Children

    My brother and sister-in-law going thru a nasty split. A custody court date is soon to decide who gets custody of their kids. I asked for payer that there will be a peaceful resolution and the best possible outcome for the kids. Thank you!
  • Pregnancy

    My husband gave me this month to get pregnant with our third child and he said if I don't get pregnant this month, he will get fixed :-/ I pray that if it is God's will for a healthy baby and that my body doesn't reject the pregnancy. Thank you!!!
  • God is Near! Pray for his favor upon me.

    Help me to remember that God is near and that he hears my cry! I am still waiting on the screening committee to decide who they are interviewing. Pray that I am patient with the Lord and remembering his promises. I would love an opportunity that will allow me to use my Masters, as well as, help people. Pray for his favor.
  • daughter's dental surgery

    I ask for a prayer for my 11 yr old daughter who needs dental surgery for an impacted tooth. My prayer is that God would cause this tooth to come through on it's own so that she could avoid the surgery altogether. Through Him all things are possible! Thank you.
  • Sister needs your prayers

    My brother-in-law recently got arrested for selling drugs. He is currently out on bond. My sister knew nothing about his involvement in this type of activity. The authorities have taken both of their vehicles so they are without transportation. She is really down, of course which is understandable. She does not want to talk to anyone, not even me (we have always been close). She lives in another state. I have gotten a few emails from her but she is not ready to talk on the phone. She believes in God and has asked for prayers during this difficult time. Thank you
  • Husband

    Please pray for my husband today as he has an MRI on his head to rule out some scary things. This is also the anniversary of his moms death a year ago. Pray for peace and healing for him.
  • heal Tammy

    Our friend Tammy is currently in a medically induced coma, at 10 o'clock tonight the doctors are going to try to bring her out of it. My prayer is that you all will send a prayer her way as as well as to her husband Ben. I pray that she will come through this and make learning decisions from the choices she has previously made!!! I will always believe... GOD IS GREAT!!!