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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • treatments for back

    Hi, prayer request from over here in England.

    Need to find a new job but unsure what I would be good at and had knock backs in the past few months after it seemed that God was calling me to something new but that closed.

    I have found that my back shoulders and neck have been out of alignment for 5-10years so been having treatment and used all my savings to do it.

    Very low at the moment.
  • Knee surgery

    I have 2 knee surgeries coming up. One is to repair a torn ACL. The other is to clean out old bone under my kneecap that has just turned into a sand like substance. The surgeries are happening 6 weeks apart. The first one is happening Thursday March 28th. I’m nervous about getting my ACL replacement done because I have waited 15 years and my doctor finally wants to do something
  • Mother wisdom

    My mother to get the grace she needs for bill payment plans, we help her every month, encouragement for her to get involved with church more than just Sundays. Wisdom about boundaries with her other adult daughter
  • Salvation

    I ask for help and that my little sister would move towards God and be saved
  • Freedom

    I need help and deliverance for me and my family, may God have mercy
  • Asking For Prayer

    We are driving in the morning from Kelso , Wa ,, to Spokane ,, Wa ,,,for a visit. I ask you pray for safe travel on the roads and pray my car makes it there and back. Not sure if we will run into snow and ice ,,,so please say a prayer for me and my son. Thank You For Your Prayers . GOD Bless Everyone and Your Prayers.

    Guy and Brandon
  • Strength

    My wife and I need prayer for strength.
  • new business owner

    I would like to ask for prayers for my new business, it's been slow these last couple of days and I'm worried. I pray that my business is successful. Thank you all and may God bless you :)
  • Brother has Cancer, update on Prayer Request

    Thank you all for praying for my brother, and myself.
    An update on my brother, the Cancer is very aggressive so far the hospital has not determined where the Cancer started (Metastasized from), or what is all affected, know the Liver is effected, possibly the Pancreas. My Heart is being taxed and I believe my Ejection Fraction maybe slipping it was 30; notice shortness on breath is increasing, and I am sleeping more.
    Hoped – stilling hoping he could – can be treated to extend his life, manage cancer, or remission, I am trying to hold on to the promises that God’s word, prayer is stronger then cancer, or Heart Disease, but it is very hard as seen in my update (hoped – hoping, could - can).
  • Job interview

    Friday morning I will be going into a big job interview. I would so appreciate prayers at this time. Could definitely use the guidance of the Holy Spirit