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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Siage 3 Cancer ,,,,Help Me Lord

    Doctors say I have stage 3 Throat Cancer and a Tumor. Seems like everything they try to do goes belly up . My Pastor Of Our Church Says ,,It Has To Be God's Will In Order To Heal. I can't sleep because of the head aches. I am taking medication like its candy and nothing is taking the pain away. I am in pain 24/7 . I keep getting told God Loves me but he won't take the pain away. I am not ready to die. I have 4 children over 18 and 4 grand kids who need me. I have to take time off work from being in so much pain. Can't pay rent or the bill's ,,,what do I do ? HELP ME LORD JESUS ,,,,PLEASE HLPE ME.

    Thank You For Your Prayers
    Guy Wilks
  • bad at relationships

    I am tired of trying to be in relationships, it is the one area that I have always been bad at,...i have been getting to know this girl and I told her I liked her, but she wants to be friends for now, I thought we were at least friends and texted her after finals were over last friday and she isn't even texting me back, and now I am thinking she doesn't even want to be friends for now...like I'm a creep or something (I also deal with anxiety and depression,)..I have dealt with a lot of rejection in my life and she hasn't gotten back to me within a day it makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. I deal with so much anxiety and depression and hurt, what I think and feel are all bad fears.....I probably shouldn't even pursue relationships..I don't know when would be a good time though.
  • Forgiveness

    Praying for a positive breakthrough right now for God to soften and cleanse Dearins heart of All anger, bitterness and resentment from past hurts and pain. Praying for full emotional healing and restoration of a loving , kind and compassionate spirit and soul towards our family, friends and others he interacts with daily. Praying all strongholds of evil are broken. In Jesus Name! Amen!
  • Sick Cat

    Today we found a little kitty who was not in great shape. we have brought him in and taken care of him. He is extremely thin and has some infected teeth. We do not know is he will make it through the night, please pray for him.
  • Prayer for Rudy Sanchez

    I have a nephew in a hospital going through some very difficult medical problems, with kidney, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal problems & gout, he has been in a lot of pain, please pray for him.
  • Son to get advice from his Dad

    Please pray we can get together with our son soon. He has opened up to us about job struggles and has ideas to be part time. He's married, no kids yet, but needs insurance and something stable. Please pray he would be willing to be patient and the Lord to open the door for him to be able to stay in a graphic art job still, but would offer benefits and not be exposed to harsh chemicals
  • Scholarship

    Thank you very much for you have prayed for to get the admission for postgraduate studies, your prayers were not in vain. Thank God for he is our father who hears all of our prayers and responds to them. So I got admissions to both universities i wanted but no scholarship yet. One has sent the rejection email but I beleive God is my father and knows what is the best for my life. Please pray for the other one to respond positively or for God to provide other opportunities if that's not I was created to have. But after all this, pray for my heart to always trust and lean on God no matter what happens. Thank you for remembering me in your prayers today
  • employment

    Still very much in need of a financial blessing.. I keep getting further and further behind.. I am searching for a job.. There is not much out there that fits me, cause I have social anxiety disorder.. That is why I had to quit my last job.. And I don't want that to happen again.. The other job I wanted fell threw.. They want somebody with experience.. Please pray the right job comes along.. Thank you
  • Reconciliation

    Please pray that our good Lord will be gracious and grant me my prayer request for reconciliation with Amy.
  • Depression

    I am fighting depression. I was homeless for over a year. I was finally able to find a place, two months later i have lost my job. Need Gods grace , mercy, peace.