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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family house burned in Wenatchee

    The Potter family from E. Wenatchee recently lost their home to a fire. They are seeking help to locate temp housing. Please keep them in prayers and if you know of temp housing please contact them at 509-423-4063
  • My family

    Please help me pray for my family. We all have been going through some tough times and we need prayers for God to guide us through this. He is in control and all I can do is trust in him. We all are going through get through this with God leading the way. Please keep me in your prayers that I will be getting shoulder surgery next month and I’m scared. That I will be not able to work for a while and may God guide the surgeon hands to fix me. The pain is horrible! Thank you and God bless you
  • Healing

    Would you please pray for a healing to take place in my body. I have been pretty sick with a fever and body aches/cold. For days now. I four children and a husband and I am also asking God that they would not get this virus and we would all be healthy for this Christmas Holiday.
  • Needing peace

    I need prayers for my oldest daughter to come home from mental hospital, healed in time for Christmas for her to be able to meet her newborn sister. Thank you
  • Forgiveness

    I really am having a hard time with being able to forgive someone who has hurt me on many levels for so many years. I know I need to let go and forgive so I can heal and forget all the pain they caused, but believe me this is easier said than done!
  • I am hitting a very rough patch

    Having a bit of a negative time. Had a man verbally assault me today, get in my face and wouldn't let me leave and I am in shock over a stranger behaving this way. I did nothing wrong and he had road rage and I had to call the cops. Being a woman, it was very intimidating having a man treat me that way. It was just one thing of many that happened this week. Maybe God is moving my many mountains and Satan knows this but still I am worried about my health with all this stress and can't help but feel down. I hope it ends soon.
  • Discouraged

    Just feeling discouraged about things in life today. Money problems. My job. Just feeling down like am the last.
  • Prayers for everyone

    As I was reading all the prayers request I couldn’t stop and think about how much we all need GOD. On how we all have a prayer request for him ,and on how we sometimes feel unanswered. We all pray and at times we may feel down but we serve an amazing God!!! He promised us that his timing is the best way we may not understand but he does. I will pray for all our request to be answered at his timing we just need to have faith. God bless us all Amen
  • Praise God

    God took care of the problem with my car.. and I am glad.. They just think some air got in my fuel system.. The whole cost a total of $20 dollars.. Praise God.. He is good.. I am feeling kind of sickly today, and anxious.. Have to go to work soon.. It would be nice to have a good day.. Thanks prayer warriors
  • Prayers needed for son

    I ask that you please pray for my son, he struggles with addiction. Although he is fighting to get his life back the drugs have a strong hold on him.