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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Move & adjustment

    Pls pray I will adjust quickly & get plugged in with some ministries & people that would be good for me to minister to and vice versa
  • New direction/job for me

    Pls pray the Lord will open doors for me to work at the Christian school I was employed at years ago. We've since moved out of that area and are soon moving close to that school again:)
  • Update

    I have shared before I am currently in a abusive marriage and I am apart from my 9 year old daughter until I get a place to live. She is hurting and so am I. She is at her dads and he isn't in the home at this time just step mom and its a huge mess. I work hard I am a cook at a daycare and I walk to and from work almost 2 miles with arthritis in my feet especially my right foot . I really need a miracle, please pray for me I need my baby back with me.
  • Need prayer about working with disability

    I hope this isn't selfish, but I am on disability and found out that I could possibly work a little bit (up to the poverty line which is $9,000 for my county). but don't want to put my disability at risk, according to the regulations one can work somewhat but the VA/government is known to take away benefits, so I don't want to do anything to put this in jeopardy. Please pray that God shows me what to do and that he gives me wisdom on what to do.
  • My Brothers and Dad need prayer

    I would like prayer for my Dad and brothers, one of my brothers quit working today because my other brother was putting him down and being beligerant (atleast that is what Jake says). Please pray on behalf of both brothers to have brotherly love for one another and for my brothers Cole and Jake to have wisdom and love. Please pray that Cole doesn't quit and that Jake can somehow start working again, he really needs the money. I feel like the devil is getting in the situation and tearing everything apart. This job was supposed to be a life building and bringing everyone together kind of thing. Everyone is dysfunctional and prideful. I pray for dad, and brothers pride to be broken and that their can be unity in this situation. Please pray for a lot of wisdom and knowledge from God for all of them.
  • Pornagraphy Addiction

    Please pray that I will conquer this addiction so that it will no longer have an affect on my life.
  • Guidance with move

    We would like the Lord to give us clarity about where to live. We have two choices
  • Answered Prayer for Anorexic daughter

    Thank you for prayers. I found out that Jack's daughter has help for her condition. Please continue to pray that she will not resist and can begin to heal. Thanks again! I love the Lord -- He is so good to us.
  • Opening Doors

    My Fiance and I are trying to find the path we are supposed to go and where we are supposed to end up for our life and we have a few opportunities that have opened up and we feel like it is God guiding us but i also have a tenancy to be overly proactive and jump into things. Prayers for guidance and maybe a sign that this is right would be helpful thanks! :)
  • Prayers please

    Please say a prayer for me today. I have a dentist appointment and my dental anxiety can be overwhelming. Please pray for the Lord's calming peace.