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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • anxiety/depression

    Struggling with anxiety/depression/self-doubt/lonliness fear and my list goes on. I am looking for either a new job or a second job I can not decide and do not seem to be having any luck. I feel extremely hopless right now due to my finacial circumstances. I have no friends and can not place all the burden on my amazing husband.
  • pregnancy, apartment, worried new Dad

    My son's girlfriend is pregnant and due in December and they are looking for an apartment and have not found one as of yet. Please pray they find somewhere safe to live and that it is affordable for them. My son is very upset and scared and wants to find a home for his family.
  • shingles

    I have shingles please pray for a quick recovery. I have missed three weeks of work. I need the money but my doctor wont let me return to work. please pray the Lord opens doors. dr said I got the shingles because I am under too much stress and I need a vacation. Pray that I am able to take a vacation somewhere.
  • Right decision for job search

    Husband needs guidance with a job change. Opportunity in prior town but adult kids/grandson recently moved to be near us so moving again seems wrong unless they can come too
  • For her safety and come to know God

    PLEASE pray for my 18 yr old sister, Irina, who is missing in Utah after she left a rehab facility on her own. She called our family last night to say "good bye"....... :'( We are so very worried because she has suicidal tendencies. She has struggled her entire life to just fit in and feel loved. You see, she was born with no arms whatsoever. Life has been very difficult, to say the least. She does not have God in her heart and we are praying so very hard that she will welcome Him into her life and realize that this is not the end. Please lift her up in prayer for her safe return and mend her broken heart. Thank you.
  • more alive

    Need to experience God presence
    Need to be lifted up in prayer. Help me Jesus water this dry and
    Thirsty soul
  • money

    I am freaking out because my insurance is due in a week and I have no money to pay it. This has been the worst year and I have tried to pay all my bills and prayed to God to come through. In tears, begging God. I have to have my insurance so I can go to my doctors' appts. Please pray that something will sell or my guardian angel will bring a miracle. Something will happen. Thank you.
  • Sturgling to Have Faith, Lost strength to hold on to Hope

    As I read the prayers before mine I feel really ashamed that I'm also in need of prayer, but I've been serving the Lord and trying to hold on to Him as much as possible but not lately. I am desperately trying to make changes in my life but the strength I've had before I can't find within me anymore. Now I've fallen and I've told myself before that I wouldn't go back but here again half a year later I'm doing the same thing and I don't like who I am. Losing hope is so painful but I've been struggling for a few months now and now I just done. I've lost it. I can't see what's in front of me and all my dreams I feel I am unable to attain. Really need God's help and mercy.

    I've been desiring to live differently but been just defeated over and over again. Please pray so the Lord will help me rise over all of my troubles and get my self in a better place in my life. Thank you
  • suicide

    please prey in need of strength in my life cant do it on my own still in school and really dont want my life to end right now
  • frustrated, irritated, just a rough day need support

    For some reason I got up on the wrong side of the bed. All the little thing I can normally ignore really irritate me today. I am incredibly frustrated with normal every day family things. Husband did "not do this" or "pick up after himself" or "fix that thing". I feel very short tempered today. Need prayers to remind me what is important in life. Prayers for peace. Prayers for strength and for forgiveness for my feelings and thoughts that are less than right. Thank you.