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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Confused..

    Wisdom and discernment for my husband and myself regarding many areas in our lives.
  • Lost a dear person

    Requesting Prayers for our family and relatives. We lost our dear Grandmother last night and our family is in need of God's comfort and peace. Though we are happy she left peacefully and painfully!
  • What is my purpose?

    I've always been told that our existence is important whether we save 1 soul or thousands. I am an invalid. My life is a waste. I only ever see doctors. I do not attend church and I can't drive myself. I am in severe pain and come from an extremely dysfunctional family. One family member I trust reconnected with some of them so I did too and within a few months they have reverted back to their old behaviors. I only have money to pay my rent or power, insurance etc. I don't feel like going on anymore. I have no kids and no life. I just want to be in peace.
  • Family in need of prayer

    Please send prayers for my sister her husband and their unborn child. They are going through some difficult pregnancy news and they all need prayers. Please pray for the outcome of good health and strength for this little life, as well as for that of the parents. Thank you all. God is good God is always great.
  • Finals

    Requesting prayer for my last two finals today. They will determine whether I am able to stay in my program or be dismissed. Thank you!
  • Testing for certifications

    I'm looking for prayer and gods favor for 3 tests I will be taking this weekend to get my firefighter certification. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Place to live

    Down to the wire now. Every time I find a cheaper place, it is already filled. Prefer to stay where I am at but need better income. Willing to move but need so much help. Fear being homeless and it is about yo happen on the first. Please God, send a guardian angel to help and money to pay bills. Feeling really, really depressed!
  • Sponsor child

    An opportunity has come up for me and I am having mixed thoughts. I sponsor a child through Compassion international and I have the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka and visit him. I would love to go, but have a few mixed thoughts about safety,finances, etc... I would like prayer that I make the right decision. Thank you
  • Financial, health, Daughter, so many other people

    My body is rapidly decaying there's no cure, med's I take only mask the pain I'm in 24/7. I have to use legs braces to walk. The never pain is in all parts of my body. I have even gotten my BA, IN MINISTRY, as a Pastor/Counselor.
    I went to church to get help only to be told to leave. from too church's here in Yakima. The hardest part of leaving with my decease (CMT) is my 3 younger children want to play.
    My oldest daughter "AMY" will not TALK to me anymore.

    "I THANK GOD" allowing me back to school for the last 11 years, 4 degrees, BA, 2, MA'S, and Doctorate. Companies are unwilling to look past my deformities. I walk funny people still make fun of it, it has brought on a Hugh amount of depression. I don't like how people act / treat others. It hurts like ??? I thought we all part of the body of Christ?

    need help mscot2250@yahoo.com
    Dr. Michael Scott
  • Living in fear

    My life changed when I met my ex husband....... Since the divorce I am living in fear and so are my kids. I don't know how to ask God to KEEP STRONG protection around my kids, myself, my house. I have to go every year to court and ask for protection but it is scary living the way we do. He is evil and will do anything to destroy peace in our lives which he has done already... Pray for us please. I need God to interfere and protect us. I know He loves us so much more then we can imagine.
    Thank you!