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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Friends safwty

    I have a friend that needs prayer. He needs God’s provisions and safety right now. Not in a good situation right now. Please pray for a miracle. His health isn’t well either
  • Windshield/Health - Fear of Water Leak

    Our family recently left/lost everything we own from hidden mold - like a fire (ex. Leviticus 13-14). I have been super sick. Since then we've went through water leaks from gutters, grading, crawl space, dishwasher...AND natural gas here overloading body's ability to fight. I am in so much fear now with windshield crack needing to be replaced. I don't know how to find a quality, thorough person. I had a previous car with hidden water leaks from faulty windshield replacement seal..if I get a leak now I could never be in it again due to mold. This is all so expensive and way too overwhelming for me, my poor husband and daughter! PLEASE help me pray for direction where/who/when God wants me to take it to and for Him to remove my fear. It's very hard to find anyone that can remediate/remove mold to my health needs level.
  • Stomach ulcer.

    Please pray for me. I have had stomach issues for two years. Please pray for a cure. Thank you!
  • Grandson to STAY with US,, Our DAUGHTER is UNSTABLE,

    Please CONTINUE to PRAY for our GRANDSON who LIVES with US along with our DAUGHTER, She's VERY UNSTABLE and VERBALLY and MENTALLY ABUSIVE and uses PROFANITY towards HIM, Lately she's been telling HIM HE can't play with the WHITE CHILDREN or BLACK CHILDREN,, that He should play with BI RACIAL CHILDREN,, Our GRANDSON doesn't Understand that, He's a kid..,, Also she says MEAN, COMMENT about being a OVERWEIGHT,, please PRAY for DIVINE PROTECTION and PEACE RESTORATION, SHE has asked US MANY times to RAISE HIM. PRAY she won't LEAVE with HIM. PLEASE PRAY they BOTH STAY,, BLESS our FAMILY with New Friends,, please PRAY,
  • Domestic violence

    Good thank you thank you for been with me at time when I needed you.please prayed for my kids and me that we had lived this trauma for 25 years. I been for great rum and enjoy life and Thai you everyday for life
  • court

    Please pray fr my daughter and myself this morning as we are going to court about child visitation for her son and his Dad. I pray for wisdom for the judge to make the best recommendation for my Grandson. Pray also for peace.
  • work 2

    I put in my two weeks notice at work tonight.. The situation at that place became unbearable.. I really kind of need the money.. But I can't deal with this job anymore.. I am counting on God to send the right job my way.. I am going to have faith he will get me through.. I might have to penny pinch for a while.. I have a lot of debt.. It is kind of scary.. I will thank anybody who prays about my situation.. May God be with you all.. Take care
  • work

    First, I want to say a prayer for Guy.. I am praying for you on a daily basis.. I don't know why we face so many storms in life.. But I am confident God has a plan for us all, and a reason for everything.. And if I love you, I know he does too.. His love is greater then mine.. I hope you get well, and find comfort.. Remember the Amy Grant song.. about how God loves a lullaby.. You know the song ? He is working a miracle in your life.. And I know he will finish it.. You are a miracle from your head to toe.. and I know the Savior loves you.. I know he loves me.. I have my own burden.. About 22 years ago, I lost my mental health.. I nearly lost my soul.. I am messed up.. I have a beautiful mind.. Schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, social anxiety disorder, ptsd, depression.. I have overcome so much of it.. You will overcome brother.. Take care
  • Asking For Prayer ,, PLEASE

    Hello ,,My name is Guy ,,,I have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder . They tell me I stop breathing in my sleep. I am really scared ,,, I don't want to die. They say they have ordered the machine that will help me breath in my sleep. I have state medical ,, Molina ,,, Molina drags there feet when anything is ordered. I guess I am asking for healing but also just to stay alive until that machine gets here, Scary thing for me and I don't understand what part of my body is causing it.

    Thank You For Listening and For Your Prayers,,,
  • God's help

    I'm asking God to intervene and give me good health (mind, body, and spirit). to strengthen me against the spiritual snares of the enemy. And for guidance in all I do (work, school, marriage). Thanks!