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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Sister in CA

    Pls pray R can sense Jesus guiding her today with her response to her husband's desire for divorce. She's seeking legal help, as she needs advice. Jesus to intervene for her, she is very emotional & distraught
  • Prayer request for appt. this week.

    I have an upcoming appt. with a specialist for my surgery. Please pray that God will soften this office's heart to work with me and/or that God would open up a way for me to financially be able to afford this very needed surgery. I would love healing too. Also, a reason why things are worsening for my health. I was told to go see my regular doctor and get some tests done to see if there is a vitamin I am missing or a allergy that is causing all of these problems. This all takes money. Pray for me for financial and health deliverance.
  • Praying one more time

    I think this is the last time I will put this request out, as I am very worn out praying about it. I know GOD you hear me, please answer me soon. Please. I need financial help. I would like to know your will for my life. I am worn , tired and feeling depressed. Just need a turn around. Not sure if it is going to happen anymore.
  • Prayers

    To day all I pray for is for every single one of your prayers be answered. May God help all the families that need fix, that everyone that is sick to get well. For every person going through tough times for them to pass quickly. We surve an amazing God that loves us all and nothing is impossible for him. May the Lord hear our prayers because if two or united in prayer God is with us and I have faith that all your prayers will be answered
  • Healing for husband

    Pls pray he is healed of his bad cold so we can go to church today & a very strong desire for our sons to return to church. They are in late 20's and one recently married
  • still fighting depression

    Please pray for me and my family to get better and stronger. For depression to go away and to be stronger for myself and my family and not think of my selfish ways. To make my mind go at ease and relax. Thanks for the prayers.
  • Prayers for a husband father brother and a friend

    Please help us to pray for a wonderful person who is laying in the hospital fighting for his life he had an accident at work and fell on to the concrete and has brain damage please help us ask God to heal him so he can get back to his family.
  • My FiancĂ©

    Please help me pray for my Fiancé. He has been so different lately that I pray he is not on drugs
  • Husband

    Lord to guide him with church leadership &
    family decisions. Opportunity to share Jesus with sin-in-law soon
  • New heart

    My husband to have a heart filled with peace and love. To not have it filled with fear and anger anymore.