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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for many places around the world that need God's salvation/peace

    I would like prayer for what is happening in North Korea, that God brings restoration and peace, I so hope God gets the current regime/dictatorship and that North Korea is once again a democracy. I would love prayer for Syria, Iraq, India, Somalia, Zimbabwe, and places such as Thailand, China, Vietnam, Haiti and Venezuela. I Pray for these and many other places that need Gods healing love and spiritual restoration to touch these places, that many people find hope and strength in their life, especially the poor, also that the hungry are fed, the sick are healed amd again that there is lasting gope for the billions who are destitute. Pray for a special peace to Jerusalem and to Israel overall as God says those will be blessed that pray for the peace of Jerusalem, his holy city....God Bless all those praying here this christmas season.
  • Health issue

    My best friend may have cancer again! He will not find the finding for a while, he is very upset, confused and scared. Please pray for him that he will find out every test is negative. Pray for him receiving peace, comfort. If,the tests come back positive Pray for strength and understanding. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Family Issues

    Please pray for my daughter Julia and her mother, Lisa who are both under an extremely demonic attack. Pray that God breaks the grip of the evil one in Jesus Name!
  • Prayer for salvation

    Pray for Shawn's heart, mind and body to be touched and blessed by the Lord and pray that he is saved.
  • Our family

    My daughter might lose her job and she got her license suspended and her tabs are bad. My husband has addictions. Please pray we have a nice Christmas.
    Thank you!
  • prayer for more direction

    I need prayer for more direction and I would say wisdom and understanding of what God wants me to do with my life. I feel kind of overwhemelmed about the track I am trying to do, but thought God wanted me to follow my dreams. I now feel too mentally week to tackle my dreams and what is really on my heart to do. Nothing really makes sense, I don't know if my self esteem is too low or God is throwing up road blocks on purpose, I need his help and direction.
  • Need a break through

    Please pray for my adult son, still living at home. He is experiencing what I believe to be spiritual warfare. He questions God, is starting to talk about not going to church, and has no friends. He has tried to remedy that with no results. He gets in very dark, depressed, angry moods. This effects me and either makes me depressed or angry, and I say the wrong things. I need him to have a spiritual break through, an awakening. He questions his future and his worth. Please, please pray for us. Thank you.
  • Granddaughter in Windsor, CO

    My granddaughter has interview for job but car is unsafe to drive to job, has no money as she was recently incarcerated but released on December 14 and grateful for God has his hand around her. I know someplace in this area or close by God will provide her the help she needs to get back on her feet. Praising God for answers when we call upon him and strength in numbers.
  • car problem

    Please pray that there will be nothing more wrong with my car other then needing a new battery
  • Prayers

    I need God's help with a business financial issue and that the company would release the funds that are rightfully mine. I am praying that God will deliver Max too for his appointment tomorrow. Please don't let it be bad health news.