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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • end of times

    first, u guys are the best, i love your station and have for a long time!!! My prayer is that you ask the public to google- obama and the false prophet (pope francis) 9/23/15; ushering in the NWO (new world order) and one world religion. Also please inform them of the 'blood moon tetrad' the fourth blood moon is on 9/28/15; very prophetic.... has been weighing on me to let as many ppl, lost And born again have no idea how soon the Lord's return is, and end of the age. Please help get the Word out?! One more thing...i have tendonitis in left foot, painful, no car...He sustains me, but am getting weary...please pray for me. Thank You, keep up the great work!!! your brother in Christ (who loves you), brian
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    I just keep looking at these pics. I show them to aynnoe I can, even strangers lol. Amazing shots and a beautiful family thanks for the memories! (I'm Clifton's sister BTW)
  • DOjbxjYYKVjTH

    oh Leah, What a priceless piuctre. God is good to our children to give them fathers who resemble their Heavenly Father! Thanks for the encouragement about envy! I have never been so tired in all my life...but God continually reminds me that "He is the strength of my life!" love you.
  • WXyzTzyCZcy

    My Grandmother had a worry box...she would open this pretty ltitle tin every night and caress the velvet lining. Then she would explain to any inquisitive child standing nearby that it was where she placed her worries of the day so that God could handle it. This brought back a memory so vivid that I had to share it with you...thanks for the memory!hugsSandi

    I'm praying for YOUR strtngeh through all this too. And praying for Daddy that he will stay healthy while you are spending so much time away from home. I love you!
  • please pray for my god-father

    My god-father, Riley, is in Burkina Faso on a missions trip and apparently that country has a knew leader or something and for some reason they aren't letting anyone cross the border, so they're stuck there for who knows how long. There was also a shooting there, so Riley was hiding in these bushes and he got malaria. Family and friends are worried, praying constantly. Please pray for Riley!
  • Prayer for health of Grandma

    Grandma needs prayer - she is on respirator and there is a chance that she won't make it. She has pneumonia. Prayer for family to have peace.
  • Prayers for my sister, Lilly.

    My sister just got married to Matt and I would appreciate all the prayers.. GOD IS GOOD! WE want nothing but God's blessings for her and Matt.

    Thank you!
  • difficult decisions in life

    Prayer that I will refuse to let the devil deceive, destroy, or degrade me any longer. That I will be strong and confident in the hard times and that I will lean on God to be my rock through some very difficult situations.
  • Job & Test

    I have applied for a position that requires an accounting aptitude assessment. My fear of this test is huge and faith in my self is low. I need God's hand in the test so that I can pass it and be considered for this job. I pray that wisdom would come to me during the test The position is in the town I live and not an hour away, where I currently work. It is a position that would work perfectly for my daughter and myself.
    Thank you.