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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • financial

    Please pray that God would provide money so that me and my fiance can get married, and climb out of debt. Thank you
  • Wisdom & peace for adult daughter

    She & her husband are not seeking the Lord but I want to pray on their behalf for protection with her ex boyfriend who she has a child with, was never married to him and no custody or court order. She has been advised by lawyers how to proceed, Lord to give her ex peace to get on with his life peacefully
  • Asking For Prayer

    Hello everyone ,, Not even sure what to ask for prayer for. I moved back to Spokane and My Daughters are angry with me and won't talk to me because I moved back here. I was married many years ago. I have only been married once in my life. I am 62 and have no self esteem ,, no confidence in my self and very lonely. I would love to meet someone but because of the Cancer treatments in the past I feel very ugly. I don't know what the answer is ,, I just know by reaching out to others and praying ,,, there has to be a miracle out there some where for me.

    Thank You For Listening and Thank You For Your Prayers,,,,I will be praying for all of you,,,,,God Bless
    Guy W.
  • Needs

    I need to buy medicine and get a test that my insurance won't cover but are vital for my health. I need a financial breakthrough.
  • Prayers for future

    I know that we should always have faith in our Lord because only he knows what the future holds. But my fiancé might be without a job because his employer told him he would have an answer for him on Monday. Please help me lift him up in prayer that he doesn’t get fired but that he continues to strive for the best. Whether it could be a blessing in disguise for the future, let it work in his favor whatever he finds out about his job security. And that he also finds the courage and dedication to go back to school to get a degree. Thank you all for the support.
  • Miracle

    I ask for a miracle to bring life and restoration to a small child that suffered traumatic brain injury he had fallen into a pool earlier in life and actually died and came back to life. Hoping for that Our Lord of miracles will heal him completely
  • Money

    Please pray my husband finds a new job before the end of April
  • Walking time bomb for harboring anger.

    Lord God Almighty, I humbly ask for Your help to not blow up, do to harboring anger. Teach me how to avoid times when I loose control and say things that I regret later. I cannot go through another out burst! Have mercy on my soul and forgive me and the ones that cause it. In Jesus' name. Amen.
  • Daughter

    Lord to give my daughter the open door to talk to her dad (my husband).soon. He tries to give her good advice, but what she needs is to re-dedicate her life to Jesus for true help
  • Prayers

    The father of my children is currently battling the withdrawals of his medications. He feels withdrawn from his children, family, and friends. He is on the verge of losing his job because he told his employer his issue. I think it is great that he is releasing his emotions but now we might have financial issues along with the burden of his feelings. I ask for prayers for my family and that he finds the Lord through his struggle. Please pray that he is not alone and we can overcome this obstacle because I believe through the power of prayer it is possible.