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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Asking For Help With Prayer

    First, Driving down to Kelso,Wa Thursday the 6/30/16 and asking for safe travel and that the car stays in one piece down there and back.

    Second, Been asking God to open doors if it is ment for me and my son to move down with my daughters and grand children. I love them with all my heart and hopeing some jobs will come and housing and anything else that is needed for us to move down there. Please Help Us Pray.

    Thank You For Your Prayers,,
    Guy and my son Brandon
  • Everyone

    I was feeling bad and depressed for myself and the situation is am in. After reading others request please help me in praying for them, I am not facing homelessness, I have a great job even if it isn't going great at this time, my family is healthy to an extent but the Dr's are working on it. Maybe the lord put me here to tell me to wake up and my situation is great to others. So please help me in thanking God for everything I thought I did not have and praying to help others who doespecially not have.
  • Marriage Trouble

    I ask that the Holy Spirit moves in wife's life and mine. We are weak in our walk with the Lord and need prayer to become the husband and wife that is pleasing to God and will be a positive example to the world. We've been married over 25 years and we have never been spiritually mentored or shown positive role models until the most recent years. As a result, our communication with each other and parenting to our three children (all but one is on their own now) have been very wanting. There are many details and reasons why we are where we are today. I am prayerfully dedicated, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to becoming the husband and father I should be.

    Thank you for your prayers,
  • prayers for pets

    Please pray for me and my cats. I tried praying for a miracle, help to keep my mother's home but I no longer believe in such things. Please pray I will find loving people to adopt them, that will not mistreat them and that will give them each long happy lives with a loving families.
  • Lost Job

    I lost my job today, completely unexpected. I have a wife, a 2 year-old, a mortgage, and a car payment to support. Please pray for my family and I to have the strength and courage to pull through and that I get another job soon. Thank you so much.
  • Daughter... almost 17

    We live In a immortal world, nothing kept pure and innocent. I need prayers for my daughter who is dating a young man and she is changing her future plans regarding college and where she will go. Also, spending money left and right. I need God to step in and walk her down HIS path, I am not able to do much but talk to her and pray for her future. I want her to stay pure until she meets that one special person. Thank you

  • Financial blessing

    It's been a tough year and I would like to request prayer that God will provide financially. I had some extra expenses and health issues and I am really behind.
  • Please pray for him

    My stepson was supposed to come stay with us this summer. She is dying and eventually he will be ours full time but for now we wanted him to spend time with his mother. This February she disappeared. We have had no contact with her. We do not know where she is. She was telling my stepson that his father was not his father and says awful lies to the point where he didn't know what to think. We are so worried about him. Taken out of school to who knows where and being told lies. My husband is beside himself and our attorney is trying to find him. We pray and pray for a miracle but this is getting harder and harder. He is only 8 and really was having a hard time watching his mother get sick and now this. We were really hoping to give him some of His light, hope and love. Please pray for us to find our son.
  • Pray for me please

    I feel thatch never line up to God pray that I will walk strong with Jesus
  • Pray for me

    I need prayer I try to walk God's way but I feel that I am not good enough everything seems to be falling apart I really want to understand God's will for my life I want growth and to be used by God in the name of Jesus