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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Pray for my son Leo

    He is a drug addict for 23 years . He needs God in his life . Please pray for Leo who need to be surrendered to our Father Jesus . Thanks
  • Job

    I have a teaching job interview today please just pray that my interview goes smoothly and that I may get this job position
  • Husband's health

    My husband has chronic blood in his urine for which his doctors cannot determine a cause. More tests are upcoming to rule out cancer, and other major issues. Please pray that God is with us as we journey through this process, and that we maintain a calm and hopeful atmosphere at home for our teenage son. Thank you so much.
  • Prioritizing, Need to spend more time in pray and with God

    I need to spend more time in prayer and not lose focus in what it’s important. I have so much going on that I am losing focus and don’t know what to do. I am a mother of three children, one young adult 22, two teenagers 15 & 16 and top of that I have a fiancé planning our wedding in July of this year and we haven’t even started planning because we don’t have the funds. I am working on my Masters of Public Administration and I am struggling, also we’re trying to build a business. I love to volunteer for varies events so I can show my children that it s a way of giving back to the community. Pray that God will guide me, give strength, and capacity to be a good student and that God will provide financially for our wedding, meet our needs show me the way to be a follower in Christ. Thank you for your prayers.
  • For me

    I'm struggling with my walk with the Lord.I struggle with doubt.
    Thank you!
  • Please pray for my boyfriend

    Please send the strongest prayers you can to my boyfriend. He has had a hard few months and I thought he was getting better. I thought he had come to a point where he was going to stop drinking beer and smoking. I was wrong. He went off the deep end today and I don't know what to do. He is on his way (walking luckily) to the store for hard alcohol and he said he might stop by to see this guy we met at a yard sale this weekend who is really bad news- collects demonology paraphernalia and pretends he was some sort of a war hero when I don't think he even saw combat.

    I don't know where else to turn!

    Thank you!
  • Fate of a child

    A co-worker and his wife are Christian foster to adopt parents. They have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy and have had him now for several months. Recently the biological father has come forward and has petitioned for custody. There is a hearing today at 1:30 pm. Of course my heart is breaking for my co-worker who has bonded with this child as his own. But I'm asking for prayer that God over see this hearing and place this child where he needs to be to become the man a God he is intended to be.
  • Unknown mass

    I found out last Wednesday that I have an unknown mass at the base of my tongue and into my vallicular. There was an MRI taken 8 months ago but that surgeon never mentioned to me anything about the mass. It wasn't until I decided to see a different pain management dr that he pointed out the mass. At the time we had health insurance that if the surgeon had told me about the mass then I could have gotten the thing looked at and taken care of. Now, 8 months later we have no insurance and symptoms of this thing is more prevalent then before and surgery will have to be performed either way to remove whatever it is. I'm asking for extra prayers that this isn't cancer and that it be something easily taken care of without surgery and extra expenses. I see the ENT This Wednesday.
  • Child

    We are in the hospital waiting room right now. My daughters boyfriend sister has a 4 year old boy. He hit his head and it cause internal bleeding in his brain. We really need the lord to help him. I am begging for prayers for the boy and the family in this time of need.
  • college

    please pray I do well in my spring college classes that start tomorrow. please pray I find a good christian friend I have been very depressed and lonely.