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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prayer for strength

    I have prayed about the relationship that I am in for a long time now, praying for God's direction. I have been a single Mom for about 10 years, and I have been praying for God's direction on a husband. I feel that God is directing me to end the relationship that I am in and he has a better one for me. It is difficult for me to hurt someone, and ending this will do that, but I feel in my heart and walk with God that I need to get off the path that I am on to fulfill my God given destiny. I am asking for your prayers to give me the strength to nicely end this relationship. I tried last night but couldn't mustard up the strength, today I feel very disappointed and weak, so I need prayers. When one or more gather in my name, there I shall be also......so I need numbers of prayers please. Thank you!
  • family

    I believe prayers solve impossible situations in our lives and during hard times God always finds a way to wipe out our tears.I pray that the ever merciful Father will provide the financial breakthrough for me to go back to college and also see my family whom I haven't seen in a decade
  • For my teenage son

    Please pray for my 17 year old son who is being rebellious towards me. Hes behaving badly towards me at home. He has no respect for me. Hes been stressing over his exams and has no motivation for anything. Please pray for him to find god and bring my son back to me. Help to find a job. But above all help us to have a peaceful relationship together. Thank you for your prayers. God bless
  • Weakness

    My friends mom has been fighting cancer and is in the hospital fighting a blood infection and has a low white cell count. She is to weak to go to the bathroom and is need of strength her name is Emma and she is 83 years of age. please pray for full recovery for her, Thank you.
  • Prayer for Finances

    My ex-husband lost his job last week, and I have been counting on his child support for the kids. I have been without a job since May of last year, and rely on the support received from him having a job and the little I receive for watching my friend's child.
    I am asking that he find a job quickly so that I can continue to stay home with my kids, now that they are out of school, they are doing so much better now that I have been able to be home when they get out of school, I would like to be able to stay home with them during summer break.
    Thank you for praying that I can make enough to support my children without having to get a full time job that will take me away from them, and that their dad finds a way to continue supporting them.
  • My Husband, Sean's Salvation

    I need everyone's prayers for my husband, Sean. He is a practicer of Eastern religions and I pray that he comes to fully know Jesus and choose Jesus as his personal savior Ana leave all of his false idols and beliefs behind. I pray that he will be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk with Jesus the rat of his life. Thank you and Amen!
  • Miracles

    I need about 10 miracles in my life. It is a mess. Thanks for all prayers.
  • Work

    I have one police department looking at me for testing and an interview process. I will have to relocate and find work for the interview process that can take about nine months. I need direction from God on wether to go to Colorado or stay in Washington.
  • sister in pain

    I am asking you to please pray for my sister Linda.. She is in constant pain.. In her neck, back, shoulders, and arms.. And there is not much they can do for her.. And her work, other then helping her, just wants to get rid of her.. Even though she became disabled working for them.. And she has to many bills to just quit.. Please stand with me in agreement that she will be healed, rather through medical science, or a miracle from God.. And that God would be with her.. And bless her in the way only he can.. Amen.. Thank you and God bless
  • Boyfriend

    My boyfriend is shutting me out without letting me know what happened. Please pray he explains what happened. My heart hurts