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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Relationship

    I just went through a hard break up, and I didn't know It would effect me as much as I thought. I started turning away from God and my friends . Just pray that he knows what's best for me and that he will help me through this hard time
  • Grandsons eyes

    Pls pray our grandson's lazy eye is straightened soon by Lord intervention
  • Myself

    Hello, I know the subject sounds very narcissistic but right now, I'm a sixteen-year old and I'm lost. I've been feeling so bad about myself lately, I feel like I'm the worst person anyone can have as a friend and I've been feeling so lonely too, like there's really just no one to talk to. I just really wish for you to pray for me to find my way to God again and to really choose to be happy and get away from all these negative thoughts. Thank you so much.
  • Daughter pregnancy

    Hi all prayer warriors, please pray and agree that it be Gods will that my 25 yr. old daughter Brianna will give birth to a healthy baby. She has had two previous miscarriages and her and her husband so want to be parents. The Lord wants to fulfill the desires of our hearts and I just ask that we lift up this precious couple that want to be parents and agree in the name of Jesus that this pregnancy will be healthy and the baby will come. Thanks for your prayers and faith!
  • prayer for my Marine

    My Marine had heart surgery last Monday and now is not doing well with what they thought was pneumonia but it is not. He has lots of fluid on his lungs and they will be putting a needle in to draw out some fluid today for testing. Please pray for healing and that he will not be discharged from the Marines because of these health issues.
  • Appt for CT scan

    please pray for my ct scan this morning. Soon. Thanks to those who have prayed in the past and continue to pray for me. Thank you.
  • Desire to live near daughter & grandson

    Pls praye Lord will soon grant my Desire to live close to my daughter & grandson. They live with her baby's father & his mother. We've offered to pay for a wedding but they keep delaying with no explanation. My husband won't let me try again to ask
  • Grandson healed

    Pls pray our 2 yr old grandson will be healed of his development delays. Parents waitin to take him to specialist as they feel he isn't really delayed, doctor recommends it
  • life

    1-My 12 year old daughter has epilepsy, is struggling in school and now has been diagnosed with mental illness. Please pray for the very best for her. We are starting therapy and I've asked the school district for an IEP for her. Please pray they will find the best way to help her and will give her an IEP and services. Also please pray for her mood and spirits to be lifted and encouraged.
    2- I have an interview tomorrow for my student teaching. Please pray that I can convey the best I have to offer the school, students and host teacher.
    3- I'm sick and had a tooth pulled and I think it is infected. I'm asking for healing and health.
    Thank you for praying.
  • Daughter walk with the Lord

    Please pray for my daughter and her walk with lord. She recently has had a hardness towards us as her parents, the lord. She had had suicidal thoughts and talking to different guys on the Internet and she is lying and try minipulate the situations. She is trying to fill avoid in her life with talking to guys on the Internet. Pray for us as her parents for guidance and wisdom. Also for her to be open to get help.