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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Can't take it anymore

    My life has been one thing after another the last three years. The last two and a half months I have had to put my father in a nursing home. He passed away in early December. Their house is a mess with a roof that leaks in the back part, so it could be worse, but now there are mice and rats living in the ceiling because of rotted boards. The guy that fixed the roof said it needed patching again but our weather has been bad and very cold so he can't. Tonight we saw a rat in our living room, so it has come from the back area of the house. Trying to chase it outside, it ran into my bedroom. It has escaped again and now I'm so wound up and nervous I can't sleep. God has been so wonderful to us and I try not to get mad. This constant grind is getting to me. Please pray for my strength and that we can get the repairs done and the rats out of our home ASAP! Thank you and God bless!
  • financial

    Need a financial miracle please.. To get a new car, to move to a better place, and so much more.. Thank you
  • husband

    Please pray for my husband, that the Lord would soften his heart to Him and to me. He is resentful of any of my involvement in church or women's Bible study. He has blocked email and text messages from the church. He has even accused me of being romantically interested in one of the pastors. I am not. We have been married for 25 years and I have never been unfaithful or given him reason to doubt. He is threatening to write in nasty prayer requests about me to our church and have our tithe checks bounce. We attend a healthy, growing, mainstream evangelical church. It is definitely a spiritual attack against our marriage. Please pray for a breakthrough for him - to know the Lord fully and be filled with his Spirit. Thank you!
  • Miracle Healing

    Please pray for the healing of my right breast. I need lots and lots of prayers. My breast has horrible bug bites and redness that is taking forever to heal. I need a miracle since I have no health insurance and can't go to the doctor. I need God's healing powerful touch on my body. I think I need to go to the doctor because home remedies aren't working and I need some medicine. I don't know what else to do and I am so scared. I don't understand why this is happening to me because a couple of months ago it happened to my left breast and left a scar and now it is my right breast. I hope my bug bites disappear soon and God heals me quickly. Whatever bit me really destroyed lots of my skin and pray that my skin tissue grows back and it isn't infected.
  • Jobs

    I'm asking for prayer regarding obtaining jobs for both my husband and I. We recently became unemployed. I am also battling depression and spiritual attacks from the enemy. We could really use a financial break through. Thank you for praying for us.
  • House falling apart

    House is falling apart. Getting worse fast. Praying that it could las til spring. We are trying to get another place put on property. Really need Gods help.SRYsF
  • prayer

    I have two requests. 1. I just started school. 2. I'm dealing with personal struggles.
  • Strength and Motivation to find a job and to keep one.

    I was recently diagnosed with Bi Polar and it has effected my work history tremendously and I have an addiction to marijunana that I am quitting. It's not only an expensive habit but it messes with with my illness. I need prayer to continue staying sober and to find a job. I do believe in the power of prayer and I will be praying for others are here also.
  • Release from Alcoholism

    Please lift the man I love up in prayer. His addiction to alcohol is destroying the relationships in his life and is destroying his health. I believe in the power of prayer. I ask that the alcohol tastes horrible when he drinks it, that he will realize that it is only increasing the inflammation in his body and causing more damage and pain than it masks. I pray that he sees the destruction in his relationships due to his drinking, passing out every night, and harsh words when he is drunk. I pray that he can see a better life without the alcohol. I pray that he becomes aware of the financial drain because of the alcohol and sees that his money could better used for the good of himself and others. Please pray these things with me in Jesus' Name Amen.
  • Needing prayer to finish last three months of college

    On Monday of this week I learned that only a financial miracle will allow me to finish my very last quarter of college. For the last four years I have sweat blood and tears to pay for school. I am so close to finishing, but the amount for Spring quarter is more than I could ever come up with on my own.

    Please pray that God will provide the amount I need. I desperately want to finish college!! I am staying hopeful. Whatever happens, I trust God.