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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • work

    I had a meeting with Voc Rehab, and they said they would be in touch with me, and I still have not heard from them.. I really hate my job.. I don't know how I can go to that place anymore.. It is a toxic work environment.. Nobody helps anybody.. All they care about is what works best for them.. I tried to be nice, and do things right.. I am just tired and discouraged now.. I have talked to the boss.. Nothing ever changes.. I am to the point I just want to quit.. I think voc rehab has decided they wont help me cause I already have a job.. But I hate this job.. I can't take it..
  • Friend in need

    A friend of mine needs help with something that is illegal. I jokingly brushed it off but he kept insisting. So I proceeded to explain how maybe that job isn't for him. I tried all I could to get him to understand that it is not right and that this can be an eye opener for him to turn his life around but all he cares about is getting the job. He stopped replying and doesn't answer my calls. I need advice and prayer. I may have burned a bridge with a friend I have had from childhood. I do not want to lose that connection with him.
  • My son

    My son is 30 years old and addicted to heroin and meth for the past two years . He does not think his life is worth anything and as a mother it is hard to watch him go through the struggles of addiction and not be able to hug his pain and addiction away. He is not doing well and needs prayer. Please pray for him. Thanks you and God Bless
  • encouragement

    For the most basic encouragement. The father knows.
  • Forgotten by God

    I feel like God has forgotten me and He has no husband for me.
  • court

    We are going to have to go to court over an inheritance my wife received from her dad after he passed. The company that it was entrusted to, to hold it. They are taking us to court over back payments that add up to thousands of dollars. Naturally, they want to keep the whole thing. Please pray that God would be in this. And show us favor. And for my wife. Naturally going to court scares her. The inheritance is much larger then we owe them. But we don't have this money. We need a miracle. Thank you
  • My sister Josie

    My sister had a scan done that showed a spot.We don't know what yet but I would like prayers for her.She just lost her husband four months ago.She is the last of my siblings and I don't want to lose her yet.I know that God walks with me and my family and that is will be done.I just love her and want to keep her safe and well for as long as God gives us.Please pray for my sisters health.

    Thanks, Dorothy
  • My husband

    My husband is discouraged about life. We need prayers for our finances as well.
    Thank you so much!
  • My daughter Andi Nast

    I am so hurt by actions of a daughter that has strayed from the truth and have been in tears almost everyday since husband chuck(hers) passed away. She is beligerant , abusive and asks money on a go fund me account wrong way of thinking and was not brought up this way. Now two from past in Rocky Horror show have talked to her, she is disrespecting loss and claims just friends, she was warned by her sister in-law at how wrong and still rebels at truth. Her son Anthony needs salvation and she needs to be reignited lost a son at age 6 I am asking God please open her mind and heart. In Jesus name amen.
  • Prayer for me in Court tomorrow

    Please pray as I go to court tomorrow on a driving with suspended 3rd degree ticket. I am not sure how the out come will turn out. Please pray for peace in this matter. and that Jesus will be glorified.