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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Mom Fighting Cancer

    Please pray for my Mom as she is back in the hospital trying to keep her blood platelets high enough to have a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow morning! She has been fighting cancer for a couple of years and really needs to make it through the biopsy to start a new treatment on Monday and then have some of her own cell put back into her body to help reproduce good cell and not cancer ones! She is a wonderful Mother, Grandma, Wife and my best friend!
    Love ya Mom.....Please keep fighting!

    All your prayers are appreciated! Thank you
  • 17 year old said they were going to COMMIT SUICIDE

    I met a young person recently. He has had a mixed up life. He's in a gang. His mom committed suicide when he was 3, his brother committed suicide a couple years ago. He told a group of of us yesterday that he was going to kill himself, theres nothing to look forward to when he gets out of juvenile. It breaks my heart and I dont know what to do. I feel powerless. Please hold this young man close in prayer. There is no sorrow on earth that heaven cannot heal, please pray for this young man and for more workers in the field. For the Christians in his life to step up, be courageous and share Jesus with him---including myself. Thank you.
  • big day

    I have two job interviews today! Please pray for me that God's divine grace will shine on me today and the perfect opportunity will arise and I will be offered a position that will best glorify God and allow me to use my abilities in the very best way. I am confident that something good , no great, will happen today!
  • My Rabbit!

    You may think this silly, but please pray for my rabbit Harvy! He's getting over being sick, and is just really tired.
    Please pray that he will have energy, and be healthy!

    Thanks so much!

  • suicidal friend

    Please pray for Kathy....she is very desperate and lost....her marriage has been on the rocks for quite some time. Her kids are all going off to college and she is so sad. I have never seen her this way...EVER!! I love her so much and want to help! The best way I know, is to gather my christian family in prayer for her and her family. I don't want her to take her life....please, please pray for her!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
  • job interview

    Please pray for me as I have an upcoming job interview for a position I believe will better fit my needs, offer less stress and a more secure future for me and my wife. If it is God's will this door will open!
  • I need direction

    I am a teacher and I'm looking for a new position. I have had two interviews, and several rejections. The summer is nearly over, and I have not heard from the only real prospect I had. Please pray that I find some direction soon. I'm starting to feel lost.
  • Military children struggling.

    Prayers needed for my daughter In law and son as they struggle through the 3rd deployment back to back for my son. As well as they open their hearts up to our Lord. Prayers for them to know that God is the higher power that will get them through this.
  • financial distress

    We had a baby last August and I had to take a different job. Since then we have gotton behind on our bill, most of them. I have gotton another graveyard shift job added to my regular full time job. My husband also works long hours and we dont often seehim this time of year. We have four kids and I fear we are at risk of lossing our car and house. I dont always have enough funds to pay everything so I spread it out. This causes everything to get behind. We also have to pay daycare.I have prayed and asked god to help us woth the problem and told him that I would leave it in his hands but Im not sure what he has planned for us or when it will happen. My wish is for you to pray for my family andthat we can quickly get caught up on it all. Thank you
  • Spirit of Discernment

    When the family came home from camping last month the engine on our truck seized up and we were stranded on the freeway in 96 dregree weather until the towtruck came to tow the truck home. I always go before my Heavenly Father in making any decisions seeking His Guidance and Will. Concerning the truck I am asking for prayers that He will give me a Spirit of Wisdom and Discernment that I will make a wise choice in either getting the truck fixed or getting a new truck, either of which we do not have the money for. Cloud you pray for His Blessings, for His Will to be done, for Him to be Glorified in this situation?