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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • anxiety

    Hi folks.. I am a having a lot of anxiety.. I take meds for it, but I am wondering if they don't make things worse sometimes.. And I am feeling really weak, having a lot of pain.. I wondered if somebody could please pray for me ? I don't know what is causing this.. I just ask the Lord he would protect me from the enemy, and renew me in the Holy Spirit.. Thanks for your prayers
  • Employment Need

    PLR is such a support for me! I am missing something until I turn it on in my office. In my car and office, PLR is my constant companion on which I rely. I am a self-employed attorney and just learned I lost a major contract, which will be financially devastating. It takes time to build up a practice and only about 20% of my cases or less will be left without that contract. My husband has not worked for over 4 years. I just learned of a very good job opening with excellent benefits, which is something I have not had for 10 years, being self-employed. It looks like my qualifications are a good fit for that position. Please pray for answers, financial stability, and peace of mind, with the faith that God's hand will guide whatever is meant to be.
  • Drugs, alcohol, lost soul

    I have a friend, who is around 26-28, and he has been an alcoholic since he was around 12. His nickname is Brains, becuase he was real smart when he was a little boy. I hardly see him becuase he is a homebody, but I seen him the other day and he looks rough. More recently he has started doing Meth. It makes me so sad and I need to do something about it. I dont want to sit back and just let him slip by. Jesus is my Lord & Savior and I want for Brains to become a soldier for Christ. I've been praying hard the last couple weeks since I seen him and I want to tell him about Jesus Christ.I want him to feel the love, acceptance, forgiveness and mercy of Christ. Please pray for Brains and for me to be bold, confident and fearless in being obedient to Christ and not worry about Brains rejecting me.
  • New Born Baby

    My neighbors grand son was just recently born preemie and needs urgent prayers he has developed a deadly flesh eating sickness that can and has killed many new borns Please join me in prayer for little Damien. IN JESUS NAME Thank you.
  • broken marriage

    My marriage is falling apart and I am faced with being alone 3000 miles away from my family. I can't get my husband to talk to me. We haven't said I love you for weeks. My heart is breaking and I can barely breathe. Please pray for a miracle, and for strength for me to take this day by day and to hold God's hand through the process.

  • Divorce and loneliness x 2

    I don't know if anyone really reads these but it would be nice to know that someone other than myself is lifting my name up to God.

    I moved to Spokane a couple of months ago to be near my son. He and I are both going through divorce. The hurt and the loneliness are at times unbearable.

    Today is one of those days...
  • Financial

    Good Morning,
    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God, give me all of His Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power and Insight for my life, and to help me Financially..
  • Healing

    Two years ago I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. I under went 3 surgeries and was back to work 3 months later. I know it is by the grace of God that I survived this and I am thankful to be alive, for the most part. I am now dealing with the side affects of healing that no one else can see and I feel so alone. People look at me on the outside and see what appears to be a normal person but on the inside, I am hurting so much. This has left me with a poor memory and poor concentration. I have also lost my desire to go to church. I still love the Lord but now feel very much out of place. I have isolated myself from everyone that I now have no friends. I am single and feel very much alone in this world. Two things I long for are to be loved and to connect with other people who have gone though this and can understand but I cannot find anyone. I appreciate your prayers.
  • Pray for my son

    Please pray for my son who is going fighting addiction, and to get his family back.
  • Healing For My Sister In Law Martha & My Brother In Law Mike

    Please pray for my sister in law Martha. She has colon cancer. She is very weak and she has fluid buildup in her upper body which is very uncomfortable for her. She won't be finished with the chemo until November!!!! Please LORD give her the strength and the will to continue. She is a great help to me around the house, as I am disabled.

    Please pray for my brother in law Mike. He's a diabetic and he has not been feeling well for the past several days.
    He also helps me around the house a lot. Thank you ALL & God Bless you ALL!!!! *Ron*