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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Stressed out

    My health issues are getting worse fast. Can't sleep very well. Going on trip I have no desire to go on. Even though I'm an adult I just want to scream, break some things, and jump up and down. Even though I can't do that. Just feeling frustrated.
  • Health

    Please pray for my daughter Jessica. I worry about her health. She has a,high pressure job,is a single mom and is very driven . She ignores the symptoms of decline her body is showing.
  • Please Pray

    A dear friend is struggling today with worry for a serious health situation with her Mother. She told me she is trying to be faithful with God's plan but is scared to death. Pray for her to have hope and trust in the Lord.
  • Prayer for job provision

    May God bless me with another job. I pray that He will provide Financial brekthrough and good health. May His plans prevails in my life.
  • Event

    Please pray... I had an idea one day about holding public prayer in my town in conjunction with Franklin's Graham's prayer tour for America and our next president, where he prays at each state's Capitol w/ the public. I'd like to invite anyone in my town who is unable to attend the actual event to stop by my town's first territorial Capitol (a tiny, very old, historic building) to do the same. I got permission from those responsible for the historic building itself, but they directed me to check in w/ our city b/c it borders on a city park. Time is now very short (event would be 8/10/16, same as Franklin's). My fault for procrastinating, but please pray for God's favor in evey aspect, if it is to be. THANKS!
  • Prayers for my mind, thoughts, anxiety & fear

    I've been struggling with anxiety and i feel as of lately that i want to get closer to God, my thoughts are raging and my anxiety is more and more. I pray God will give me peace of mind. I don't want to have these negative thoughts of evil, but thoughts of peace and love. Lord, help me.
    God fill me with your perfect love so all fear in my life will be driven out.
  • Husband hurting

    My husband is in a lot of emotional pain right now. he wakes up in pain, goes to bed in pain and can barely breath when he thinks about our past. We have 2 beautiful children. He needs God's healing hand to take away his pain and give him peace. Show him our future and his plans.
    Thank your for your prayers, you have no idea what they mean.
  • Cousin in critical condition

    Please pray for my cousin (Taylir), who is just 22 years old, as she was involved in a car accident last night and is in critical condition. Her mother is distraught, naturally. Please pray for Taylir's full healing and that somehow good might come of this. Thank you so much!
  • Prayer for thought life and feelings of fear

    I feel a lot of thoughts tormenting me that about things that aren't even that bad and fine, I feel that I get easily confused about right and wrong and feel like I am dealing with a lot of irrational fear, I need to help some people and feel like the devil is working on my mind, I pray God keeps reminding me that God doesn't give the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind. If there is something wrong with my mind, as I often feel weak minded about certain things that God heals my mind or helps me to deal with it and have wisdom. God please help me to discern between right and wrong and to keep peace and feel secure in you.
  • My husband

    I thank you so very much for your prayers They mean a lot. The Dr. Is going to help my husband get off of pain pill's. Praise the Lord! I rejoice in the Lord!
    Please pray for us we are going camping tomorrow and my husband took too many pills and is not himself. My daughter has anxiety about going camping with him.
    Thank you for your prayers! They are being answered!
    Thank you!