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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • College

    I want to ask for your help in prayers, i am having difficulty in my Anatomy & Physiology class and i have a test tomorrow, i declared that i was going to pass with a 75% or higher, and i know there is no prayer to little or too big that god cant handle, so ask for your help in prayers.

    Thank you, and go bless
  • My son

    Hi, about a year ago someone called CPS on me and made a false report. It's a very messed up system because they have to error on the side of caution but it has been a traumatizing year because they took my child away with zero evidence that I had done anything wrong. They are using my mental health against me when I go to court which you can imagine is adding all the more stress. I have PTSD. ...-PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS GETS RESOLVED AND COMES TO AN END. I did nothing wrong but the crooked system took my son away. Thank you so much!! God bless. My son's name is Maxwell Angel by the way. Thank you! :-)
  • ❤️

  • I can't stop drinking

    Please pray for Our Father's mercy ... I can't do this any more
  • School struggles

    I am asking if you could please join me in prayer, I have been struggling in school and all i want is to be successful. I do what is in my reach but I know that God will come through for me. There have been days, like today for example that I have just felt like giving up but I know that will not get me anywhere in order for me to be successful. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Repentance for Som & daughter

    Please pray they will no longer be able to enjoy their sin & will desire true repentance & freedom In Christ tonight
  • Please play for my daugther

    My daughter and her husband are having problems and are thinking on divorce. She us heart broken. Please pray for both if them: karen and Andy
  • My fingers are slipping

    I am trusting God to provide for us. Hubby desperately needs job, my car broke down, $6000 repair not possible right now. Blessed with one more month in our home, but Dec is scary. My faith is slipping today and I so want God to show my Husband His Mighty Power! We were short this mo. and God provided, I can take the bus to work, and I am in Love with Jesus! But my heart is overwhelm today.
  • Friend

    My friend just committed suicide so I need prayer and his family needs prayer.
  • Loss of a child

    Many months back, I asked for prayer for my daughter who was going through some really trying times. I didn't realize just how trying they were for her. In September, she and her husband took their lives. God has given me peace in knowing that His plan is perfect even though I can't begin to understand it. However, some days are so hard to face. Please pray for me and my sons as we continue to work through the healing process, the holidays and birthdays, as they will be very challenging.
    Thank you for your prayers.