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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Strength and healing

    Prayers for my friend Nikki and her family as their dad recovers from an accident and is currently in the ICU. Please pray that God is with them and can provide the support, strength and healing they need during this time of chaos and unknown.
  • Prayer for my husband

    An update on Chuck. He is back in the hospital. The hospital did tests and a CAT scan. The ER doctor and a surgeon felt that there was a blockage in his large bowels or if the blood wasn't getting to his bowels. When the surgeon opened him up everything was OK. Now, Chuck is dealing with his bowels not working. He hasn't been able to pass the gas. Also, the small intestines have air bubbles in the lining caused by an infection. They are giving him large doses of antibiotics. He has a gastric tube down his nose into his stomach to remove stuff from his stomach and liver. They won't remove the tube until he is able to pass the gas. I know that my God is able to heal him and have him able to pass the gas. Please pray with me that this will be done for the glory of my Awesome God.
  • Military son

    I am requesting prayers for my son Dana, his email said he is so exhausted without days off and his brain turning to mush. His back to 2 back to back deployments and year in S Korea with minimal days off is to taking a toll on him. I have not heard him sound so bad. His return date is between Dec and March, and they work 7 days a week, 15+ hours a day. He is a non believer. Please lift him up to our Lord for strength and for Dana to ask Jesus into his heart. I rarely ask but today I know necessary :( thank you each!!!!!

  • Get off Drugs!

    Please pray for safe cigarettes
    Please pray for safe coffees
    Please pray for safe cups of tea
    I need your Mercy God
    I' m desperate for relief from torment and suffering
    Please pray for my Soul
    And Heart
    And a Sound Mind
  • son's continued faith in The Lord's Faithfulness in their lives.

    That they would 'praise You in the storm' though their hearts are torn,' as the words to the song are... thank you...
  • My Son

    im praying for and asking for prayers for my 19 year old son. He is struggling with drug addition. He goes to court next week for a marijuana DUI. I'm praying that God will happens and that my son receives the help he needs. To find a positive Godly direction for his future. Thank you all for tkaing time to pray for others!
  • New place to live

    I have been begging God for months to either let me find a way to move into a cheaper place or provide better income. I am just so depressed over it today. I feel there is no end in site and no answers to my problems. I feel like giving up. It is all I can focus on since it is a huge problem for me. I need money to move because I am disabled and have other needs. Please pray this problem will be resolved and that this weight and stress will be lifted off of me. Thanks
  • Relationship

    Hello.. I am in a relationship with a girl I met online.. And the thing is, I am not sure I can trust her.. I have been hurt before.. I just ask that you would please pray to God I would make the right decisions ? I appreciate your prayers, and I am praying for you all too.... Thank you
  • Praise to You Lord!

    I want to praise God for answered prayers concerning my dads passing. My 87 year old dad had such a peaceful transition in heaven. No pain, and very swift. He is with Jesus now and nothing could we hope for more than that. Thank You Lord. Can't wait to see my parents in paradise.
  • God's Protection From Hackers

    I just heard on the news that hackers stole the records of millions of patients of some hospitals in Spokane. They said if you have been a patient within the past five years you may be at risk for identity theft. Earlier this year I was a patient at two of them!!!! PLEASE Pray that the Lord keeps me safe and that nothing happens later on down the line.