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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • job

    I turned in a medical release note because I was being abused on now my job this year. I have been working here for 12 years with my medical disabillity, but because the abuse is affecting my health they want to let me go. Please pray to keep my Job.
  • Back pain

    Prayer for recovery and relief from herniated disc. Prayers for strength and relief from stress
  • My Family

    Please pray for my family to because one again. We have had some very rough time, and drugs are a big part. He had stop doing drugs for years and all of a sudden again! I’m so destroyed by all of this we have three children that need their father. I kicked him out because drugs are not allowed in our home! Please pray for God to work in his life. We were going to church and everything was going good and one day out of nowhere he changed. I know God is an amazing God and he will get him back because the devil will not win! Please pray for him to change!
  • Gum surgery recovery

    I had a gum graft surgery recently. I went for my stitches removal appt. the other day and the dentist and assistant both told me it looked great and was healing very well. I am nervous because the graft looks low to me. Can you pray if it is sitting low God will heal it and push it where it should be. I can't afford to pay for this again and the recession has caused so much pain. I am kind of having a panic attack over it. Thank you!
  • A girl

    Please pray for me, I feel like my life has no particular purpose. It feels like a mess and I've felt abadonded by my parents for so long. I'm engaged and I'm unsure if this is the one God wants me to be with.and my past sins I keep remembering and feeling guilty over and then I repeat them. My soul is hurting and I'm in a bad place spiritually. I need inner healing and cleansing and to hear Gods voice again to by assured in my life.
  • Peace for sis & daughter

    Pls pray they will let Jesus comfort them & sister to keep working, Christian friends to come for both
  • Prayers

    Please pray for my family I have three children and the landlord is going to sell the house. So I have to go back to my Mothers. I just feel so overwhelmed because I just have two months of shoulder surgery!! My Boyfriend went back to drinking and everything he had stopped when I told him that God does everything for a reason!! I’m on L&I but it’s not much and I’m so overwhelmed about everything. I just need prayer for peace and may God help my boyfriend change for good!! Thank you for the prayers!
  • daughter

    Pls prayer for strength for Shannon to turn to Jesus and have peace
  • JOB

    Been Out of work for a while applied to over 100 positions no phone calls. Fell off the end of my rope. High anxiety and depression due to the stress. Can't take anymore. Please God Open the right door. In Jesus name AMEN!
  • Job

    Please pray for my friend, Derek to find a job. Thanks