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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Things

    I done some bad things I am not proud of that I hate my self for it but I know Jesus sacrificed him self for our sins I just pray it will just leave my mind and it won’t be there anymore
  • Weary

    So weary drained and tired. Losing hope, in what I need in my life. Praying for strength and guidance. Answers to prayer to come. You know God.. you know. Strengthen me today so I don't lose heart I love you I need you in Jesus name Amen!!
  • daughter and grandson

    I would welcome prayers for my daughter and grandson. Visitation with grandson's dad starting after a long absence.
    Peace for my daughter.

    thanks much
  • Sister

    Prayer that sister (Rachel) will want to find a roommate at church, instead of living with her boyfriend, she has made this mistake a few times
  • healing

    Could you please pray for my nephew Justin ? He has ptsd from his childhood, and anxiety. One of the family members molested him. A male member. It has left him with scars, shame, and emotional trauma. Please pray that God would lift this stronghold of the devil, and help Justin. Thank you